Karmic Clearing Past Lives Meditation Healing Course

Karmic Clearing Past Lives Meditation Healing Course


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Published 5/2023
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Law of karma, spiritual awakening, Shamanism, Psychic, Energy healing, Chakra clearing, Spirituality, Shadow work

What you’ll learn
Clear your karma through meditations
Breaks the vows
Multiple lifetimes cleansing
Ancestral collective feminine karma clearing
Remove imprints emotional baggages
Multidimensional cleansing

Interested in meditation, spirituality is helpful

Karmas are energetic memories or ties from the past that are held within the electromagnetic fields inside our bodies. Some of them may be stored in our past lives. Some of this may be inherited from our ancestors. Those bonds can block our natural flow of energy and affect us in this current life. They are only energies in motion and can be released.There had been accumulated suppressed memories and traumas from past lives, our ancestors, and our lineage. The memories affect the natural flow of womanhood and need to be released. This guided course will help you release any karmas that block the flow of your energy, your life force in all time-space and dimensions past present, and future. We will break all vows contracts and ties that do not serve you.In this course, you will,break the vows of povertyRelease physical disease imprintsCut off current and past lives toxic relationshipsRemove ancestors traumasLet go of self-sabotaging patternsCut off ties, manipulations, abuses & controlTake back our powerFree from karmic debtForgiving oneself and other’s mistakesRelease all emotional baggage from family membersHeal pains hurt abandonmentsRelieve unknown depression anxieties & worriesLet go of all emotional baggage from the family lineageRelease physical disease imprintsThis course is a very powerful one. Allow yourself to take back your power and end all unnecessary cycles!!! It takes 14 days for the full integration to take place. Give yourself plenty of space, time & rest after the course.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is karma?

Lecture 2 Power of Intention

Lecture 3 How To Use The Course?

Section 2: Preparation Stage

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 Relaxation Meditation

Lecture 6 Afterward

Section 3: Create A Safe Place

Lecture 7 Importance of creating a safe place

Lecture 8 Create a safe place meditation

Lecture 9 Daily use

Section 4: Energy Center Cleansing

Lecture 10 Introduction

Lecture 11 Energy Center Cleansing Meditation

Section 5: Karmic Releasing

Lecture 12 Introduction

Lecture 13 Karmic Releasing Meditation

Lecture 14 Afterward

Section 6: Grounding

Lecture 15 Grounding Meditation

Section 7: Bonus: Self-Love Affirmations For Deep Sleep

Lecture 16 What are affirmations?

Lecture 17 How to Use The Affirmations

Lecture 18 I Am Love Affirmations For Sleep

Lecture 19 You Are Love Affirmations For Sleep

Lecture 20 Afterward

General karmic release,Wounded healer who would like to advance its healing,Clear ancestral lineage trauma,Deep wounded heartbreaks hurts abandonments,Cut ties from control & manipulations,Learning how to trust life again



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Karmic Clearing Past Lives Meditation Healing Course


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