Web Development with Django: A definitive guide to building modern Python web applications using Django 4, 2nd Edition

Web Development with Django: A definitive guide to building modern Python web applications using Django 4, 2nd Edition


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English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 1803230606 | 764 pages | True PDF EPUB | 51.24 MB

Work through realistic case studies to create your own websites easily, securely, and quickly

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Key Features

Understand Django functionality and the Model-View-Template (MVT) paradigm
Create and iteratively build a book review website, adding features as you build your knowledge
Explore advanced concepts such as REST API implementation and third-party module integration

Book Description

Do you want to develop reliable and secure applications that stand out from the crowd without spending hours on boilerplate code? You’ve made the right choice trusting the Django framework, and this book will tell you why. Often referred to as a “batteries included” web development framework, Django comes with all the core features needed to build a standalone application. Web Development with Django will take you through all the essential concepts and help you explore its power to build real-world applications using Python.

Throughout the book, you’ll get the grips with the major features of Django by building a website called Bookr – a repository for book reviews. This end-to-end case study is split into a series of bitesize projects presented as exercises and activities, allowing you to challenge yourself in an enjoyable and attainable way. As you advance, you’ll acquire various practical skills, including how to serve static files to add CSS, JavaScript, and images to your application, how to implement forms to accept user input, and how to manage sessions to ensure a reliable user experience. You’ll cover everyday tasks that are part of the development cycle of a real-world web application.

By the end of this Django book, you’ll have the skills and confidence to creatively develop and deploy your own projects.
What you will learn

Create a new application and add models to describe your data
Use views and templates to control behavior and appearance
Implement access control through authentication and permissions
Develop practical web forms to add features such as file uploads
Build a RESTful API and JavaScript code that communicates with it
Connect to a database such as PostgreSQL

Who this book is for

This book is for programmers looking to enhance their web development skills using the Django framework. To fully understand the concepts explained in this book, basic knowledge of Python programming as well as familiarity with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is assumed.
Table of Contents

An Introduction to Django
Models and Migrations
URL Mapping, Views, and Templates
An Introduction to Django Admin
Serving Static Files
Advanced Form Validation and Model Forms
Media Serving and File Uploads
Sessions and Authentication
Advanced Django Admin and Customization
Advanced Templating and Class-Based Views
Building a REST API
Generating CSV, PDF, and Other Binary Files
Testing Your Django Applications
Django Third-Party Libraries




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