Unreal Engine 5 – Vfx For Games – Stylized Explosion

Unreal Engine 5 - Vfx For Games - Stylized Explosion


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Published 10/2023
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Learn how to create an epic Stylized Explosion in UE5!

What you’ll learn
Learn Niagara particle system.
Learn how to create a Stylized Explosion.
Learn Material Editor for stylized visual effects.
Learn Visual Effects for Games.
Learn how to create textures by hand and with Material Maker.

Unreal Engine: Basic to Intermediate
Krita or Photoshop: Basic
Blender: Basic
Graphic Tablet Helps
Unreal Engine 5.3 or above

Get ready to create Stylized Explosions in Unreal Engine 5 with Niagara!Embark on this adventure to build unique explosions for games and dive into the creation of stylized effects. With this techniques you can create a variety of effects and improve your portfolio or your Game Development skills!We will have quick overview of Niagara with a sparks exercise. Then we will move on to the epic process of creating a Stylized Explosion!With this course you will also learn: 1) How to create simple and advanced Material/Shader techniques like Pan, Masks, Distortions, Erosions and more;2) Create original Textures from scratch and 3D Meshes;3) How to use Material Maker to create unique procedural node-based textures;4) How to create hand-painted Flipbook animations;5) VFX techniques that work in VR;6) Create Stylized Smoke;7) Improve your skills as a Game Developer.We will have a look at the workflow of the Material Editor and see how to combine it with Niagara to create fantastic Real-Time visual effects for games!What are you waiting for? You can learn Stylized VFX for games right now! It will take you from a Beginner standpoint to an Intermediate level in Unreal Engine Visual Effects. Plus you will learn cool tips & tricks and get familiar with the Unreal Engine Niagara, a powerful tool!Course made with Unreal Engine 5.3. Compatible with more versions too.A great addition to your portfolio or a great start! Join now!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Project and Niagara Overview

Lecture 2 Download Project

Lecture 3 Niagara Overview Part 1

Lecture 4 Niagara Overview Part 2

Lecture 5 Niagara Overview Part 3

Section 3: Stylized Explosion

Lecture 6 Explosion Studies / Pre-Production

Lecture 7 Starting the Explosion

Lecture 8 Explosion Mesh

Lecture 9 Erosion Material Part 1 – Voronoi

Lecture 10 Erosion Material Part 2 –

Lecture 11 Erosion Material Part 3 –

Lecture 12 Explosion Aspect

Lecture 13 Explosion Body

Lecture 14 Particles Impact

Lecture 15 Particles Floating

Lecture 16 Ring Smoke Mesh

Lecture 17 Ring Mesh Emitter

Lecture 18 Ring Smoke Texture

Lecture 19 Texture Erosion Material Part 1 –

Lecture 20 Texture Erosion Material Part 2 –

Lecture 21 Smoke Rings

Lecture 22 Impact Rings

Lecture 23 Impact Flipbook Part 1 – Frame 3

Lecture 24 Impact Flipbook Part 2 – Frame 1 and 2

Lecture 25 Impact Flipbook Part 3 – Last Frame and Export

Lecture 26 Applying Impact Flipbook Part 1

Lecture 27 Applying Impact Flipbook Part 2

Lecture 28 Material Maker Overview

Lecture 29 Ground Crack Texture Part 1 – Voronoi Nodes

Lecture 30 Ground Crack Texture Part 2 – Noise Nodes

Lecture 31 Ground Crack Texture Part 3 – Glow and Export

Lecture 32 Applying Ground Crack Part 1

Lecture 33 Applying Ground Crack Part 2

Lecture 34 Ground Mark Texture

Lecture 35 Applying Ground Mark

Lecture 36 Smoke Trail Mesh

Lecture 37 Applying Smoke Trail Mesh

Lecture 38 Texture Erosion Material Part 3 – Mask

Lecture 39 Smoke Trail Improvements

Lecture 40 Texture Erosion Material Part 4 – Distortion

Lecture 41 Ring 02 Mesh

Lecture 42 Orange Floating Rings

Lecture 43 Particle Trails Part 1

Lecture 44 Particle Trails Part 2

Lecture 45 Shockwave

Lecture 46 Adjustments Part 1

Lecture 47 Adjustments Part 2

Lecture 48 Color Variations

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 49 Conclusion

Game Developers,Unreal Engine Beginners or Veterans,Unity Beginners or Veterans,VFX Beginners,Programmers,Illustrators,3D Generalists,Digital Artists in General


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Unreal Engine 5 - Vfx For Games - Stylized Explosion


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