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Master Windows Ethical Hacking with Advanced PowerShell and CMD (Ready Made Scripts and Practice test’s) for 2024 pro

What you’ll learn
Master Advanced PowerShell: Learn advanced scripting, cmdlets, and automation techniques to become a proficient PowerShell user in Windows environments.
Ethical Hacking for Windows: Develop expertise in ethical hacking, covering vulnerabilities, exploits, and security best practices tailored for Windows systems.
Implement ScriptAnalyzer Effectively: Gain hands-on experience in using ScriptAnalyzer to ensure script quality, adherence to best practices, and auto deviation
Powerful Scripting for Security Tasks: Acquire skills to create robust PowerShell scripts for security, including code checking, monitoring, and system defense.
Explore ScriptRunner to centralize and manage PowerShell scripts, secure credential handling, and execute and monitor scripts centrally for robust security.
Learn how to delegate PowerShell tasks securely to helpdesk and end-users, enabling efficient task execution without compromising system security.

Basic PowerShell Knowledge: Familiarity with basic PowerShell commands and scripting concepts is recommended to fully benefit from advanced topics covered in the course.
Windows Environment Understanding: A basic understanding of Windows operating systems and environments will be helpful in comprehending the ethical hacking techniques and PowerShell usage.
Scripting or Programming Background: While not mandatory, having some experience in scripting or programming languages will accelerate the learning process, especially when dealing with advanced PowerShell scripting.
Access to Windows System: Access to a Windows-based system for hands-on practice is essential. A virtual machine or a dedicated Windows environment is recommended.

Unlock the realm of elite cybersecurity with our “PowerShell Pro: Elite Windows Ethical Hacking Mastery Ready Made scripts and practice tests” course. Dive into advanced ethical hacking techniques tailored for Windows environments, supercharging your cybersecurity expertise. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted for IT professionals, system administrators, cybersecurity enthusiasts, and aspiring security analysts aiming to fortify Windows systems using cutting-edge PowerShell scripting.Course Highlights:Advanced PowerShell Proficiency: Acquire mastery in PowerShell scripting, exploring advanced cmdlets, automation techniques, and real-world applications in Windows environments. Elevate your scripting prowess to an elite level.Ethical Hacking for Windows Systems: Uncover vulnerabilities, exploits, and security best practices specifically designed for Windows. Learn the art of ethical hacking and fortify your systems against cyber threats.ScriptAnalyzer Implementation: Harness the power of ScriptAnalyzer to ensure script quality, adhere to best practices, and automatically correct deviations. Streamline your scripting workflow with this invaluable tool.Powerful Scripting for Security Tasks: Develop robust PowerShell scripts for security tasks, including code checking, monitoring, and secure delegation. Strengthen your defense mechanisms and proactively safeguard your systems.Comprehensive PowerShell Security Management: Explore ScriptRunner, a powerful tool for centralizing and managing PowerShell scripts. Learn secure credential handling, execute and monitor scripts centrally, and establish a robust security infrastructure.Secure Delegation Strategies: Master the art of delegating PowerShell tasks securely to helpdesk and end-users. Empower your team to execute tasks efficiently without compromising system security.Who Should Enroll:IT Professionals and System Administrators: Enhance your skills in ethical hacking and PowerShell scripting for comprehensive security management in Windows environments.Cybersecurity Enthusiasts: Specialize in securing Windows systems using advanced PowerShell techniques. Unleash your potential in the field of ethical hacking.PowerShell Enthusiasts: Elevate your proficiency to an advanced level, focusing on ethical hacking, automation, and ScriptAnalyzer implementation.Security Analysts and Ethical Hackers: Deepen your knowledge and skills in securing Windows networks and systems. Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.Aspiring Scripting and Security Professionals: Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, embark on a journey from fundamentals to advanced levels in a Windows environment.Why Choose This Course:Hands-On Learning: Engage in practical, hands-on labs and exercises designed to reinforce your understanding of advanced PowerShell techniques and ethical hacking strategies.Real-World Scenarios: Explore real-world scenarios and case studies to understand how these techniques are applied in actual cybersecurity situations.Expert Guidance: Benefit from expert guidance and tips throughout the course, ensuring you navigate challenges effectively and gain valuable insights.Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to course materials, updates, and additional resources. Stay current with the latest advancements in PowerShell and ethical hacking.Community Engagement: Join a vibrant community of learners where you can discuss, collaborate, and share experiences. Connect with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts. Enroll Now: Transform your cybersecurity skill set with this course, Enroll now to gain access to a world of advanced PowerShell scripting, ethical hacking techniques, and unparalleled security expertise. Elevate your career and secure your future in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity. Don’t just learn; become an elite cybersecurity professional.

Who this course is for
IT Professionals and System Administrators: Those seeking to enhance their skills in ethical hacking and PowerShell scripting for robust security management in Windows environments.,Cybersecurity Enthusiasts: Individuals with an interest in ethical hacking and cybersecurity who want to specialize in securing Windows systems using advanced PowerShell techniques.,PowerShell Enthusiasts: PowerShell users looking to elevate their proficiency to an advanced level, specifically focusing on ethical hacking, automation, and ScriptAnalyzer implementation.,Security Analysts and Ethical Hackers: Professionals in the field of security analysis and ethical hacking aiming to deepen their knowledge and skills in securing Windows networks and systems.,Aspiring Scripting and Security Professionals: Beginners with a keen interest in scripting and security, willing to learn from the fundamentals to advanced levels in a Windows environment.

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :

3 sections • 26 lectures • 2h 35m total length

2 lectures • 6min


Treading the Edge: Mastering Ultra-Advanced CMD Techniques
9 lectures • 54min
Boot Configuration Data Editor, Manipulate system startup parameters, vital for

How to run the windows softwares .exe in the kali linux

How to run the wine Graphically in Kali linux

How to run the cmd Scripts in the kali linux OS
NTFS Check Verify NTFS file system integrity, correct errors, ensure a stable
powercfg: Power Configuration. Fine-tune power settings, critical for optimize
Driver Query. Retrieve a comprehensive list of installed drivers, essential for
Plug and Play Utility. Manage Plug and Play devices, allowing for configurations
Event Utility. Master the management of event logs, enabling in-depth analysis
Elite Windows Ethical Hacking Challenge: Expert-Level MCQs

Advanced CMD Topics for Ethical Hacking – Unleashing Powerful Commands, start
15 lectures • 1hr 35min
Windows Ethical Hacking: Advanced CMD and PowerShell Techniques
Part 2 Windows Ethical Hacking: Advanced CMD and PowerShell Techniques
Comprehensive : CMD and PowerShell Mastery, Remote admin, automation + tools pro
Hacking with CMD and PowerShell: Registry Manipulation and Event Viewer
Ethical Hacking with CMD and PowerShell: Practical Techniques and Tools
CMD and PowerShell: Windows Firewall, UAC, Services, and Exploitation Prevention
CMD and Powershell – Remote Desktop Services, Event Triggers, and Windows Manage
CMD and Powershell: Advanced Techniques for Windows
PowerShell Pro: Mastery Exam – Real-World Scenario Assessments

Advanced Task Scheduler:
Advanced Firewall Commands: Execute sophisticated for the Windows Firewall com
File & Folder ACL Manipulation: Control Access Control Lists, providing control
Service Control Manager. Command the Service Control Manager to manipulate servi
Group Policy Editor. Open the Group Policy Editor for advanced system settings
Disk Partitioning and Management. Execute advanced commands for disk partition
Ultra-Advanced Disk Management and Cybersecurity Checks with CMD and PowerShell

Disk Partitioning and Management with C++: Creating a Coding Exercise for Advanced Disk Management
Windows System Administration Essentials: Mastering Key Commands for Stability


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