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Published 4/2024
Created by Jose Portilla,Rayan Slim
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 18 Lectures ( 4h 52m ) | Size: 4.75 GB

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Unlock the Power of Containerization: Streamline Development and Deployment with Docker

What you’ll learn:
Install and set up Docker on various operating systems
Understand the fundamental concepts and benefits of containerization with Docker
Containerize Python, Go, Java, Javascript, and Ruby applications
Build efficient and optimized Docker images using Dockerfiles
Containerize web applications built with Flask, Spring Boot, Node JS, and Go
Establish communication between containers using Docker networks
Push Docker images to Docker Hub and implement proper tagging practices
Containerize and manage databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) with Docker
Handle persistent data storage using Docker volumes
Orchestrate and manage multi-container applications using Docker Compose

Basic understanding of software development and programming concepts
Familiarity with command-line interfaces and terminal navigation
Recommended: Basic knowledge of at least one programming language

Imagine being able to develop an application on your local machine and then seamlessly run that application anywhere else without having to worry about compatibility issues or missing dependencies. Docker makes this possible. Almost every big company, be it Spotify, Netflix, or PayPal, uses Docker to deliver applications faster than ever before, and now it’s your turn.This course will teach you how to:Install and set up Docker on various operating systemsContainerize a wide range of applications built with Python, Go, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Flask, Spring Boot, Node.js, and moreBuild efficient and optimized Docker images using DockerfilesEstablish seamless communication between containers using Docker networksOrchestrate and manage multi-container applications, including microservices and databases, using Docker ComposeHandle persistent data storage and manage databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) with Docker volumesPush Docker images to Docker Hub and implement effective tagging and versioning strategiesReal-World E-commerce Application Project Throughout the course, you’ll work on a realistic e-commerce application composed of multiple microservices, each built with different languages and frameworks. You’ll learn how to containerize these microservices, manage their dependencies, and orchestrate the entire application using Docker Compose. This hands-on experience will solidify your understanding of Docker’s capabilities in a practical setting.Boost Your Career with Docker Skills Docker and microservice orchestration are highly sought-after skills in the industry. This course provides software developers and DevOps professionals with the knowledge and tools to streamline development workflows and optimize application deployment.Enroll in our Docker Bootcamp today and gain the practical skills you need to effectively develop and deploy applications using containerization.

Who this course is for:
Software Developers
DevOps engineers
IT professionals who want to streamline application development, deployment, and management using Docker.

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :

10 sections • 19 lectures • 4h 52m total length


3 lectures • 1min

Required Downloads and Installations
1 lecture • 5min

The Need for Docker
1 lecture • 4min

Running Applications Inside Docker Containers
3 lectures • 34min

Building Images from Dockerfiles
2 lectures • 39min

Containerizing a Web Application
2 lectures • 42min

Docker Networks and Microservices
2 lectures • 1hr 11min

Pushing Images to Docker Hub and Tagging Practices
1 lecture • 8min

Streamlining with Docker Compose
2 lectures • 33min

Running Database Applications inside Docker Containers
2 lectures • 55min


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