The Certified Quality Tool Specialist Course

The Certified Quality Tool Specialist Course


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Published 6/2023
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A Step by Step Guide to Using the 7 Tools of Quality Management

What you’ll learn
7 Quality Tools
Quality Management
Problem Solving Tools
Root Cause Analysis
Use and interpret Pareto Charts
Use and interpret Scatter Plots
Use and interpret Stratification Diagrams
Use and interpret Control Charts
Use and interpret Fishbone Diagrams

No prerequisites needed. Knowledge of Excel helps.

Welcome! This engaging and practical course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and tools needed to tackle complex challenges, solve problems and find effective solutions. Throughout this course, we will explore various problem-solving techniques and methodologies while utilizing the 7 tools of quality management, empowering you to become a skilled problem solver in any field.Histograms: We start this course with histograms, a fundamental tool that helps practicioners better understand the data they are working with. By introducing histograms, we also introduce important topics like the bell curve (normality). Within this module we investigate different shapes and patterns in the data, what they mean and what they tell us.Scatter & Stratification Diagrams: Stratification diagrams are used to add another layer onto scatter diagrams to provide deeper insight and analysis into data. This tool allows you to analyze data based on different factors, categories, or criteria, helping you gain insights into the problem from different perspectives. By stratifying the data, you can identify patterns or trends that might not be apparent otherwise.Pareto Charts: Pareto charting is yet another technique we will explore. This graphical tool enables you to prioritize problems or causes by displaying them in descending order of frequency or impact. Using the 80-20 Pareto Principle, you will learn to focus on the vital few rather than the trivial many, and allocate your resources and efforts efficiently, maximizing the impact of your problem-solving endeavors.Control Charts: A large amount of time is spent on introducing and explaining control charts. Control charts are the most technical of the quality tools, and we entreat all of our students to take their time through this module. Starting with a discussion about other data visualizations, we explain the case for why control charts matter and should be used in business. From there, the module expounds upon how to construct control charts in excel, basic assumptions, signals, and rules of control charts, and how to handle different types of data for control charts. In all, 5 different control charts are discussed in this module.Fishbone diagrams: also known as cause-and-effect diagrams or Ishikawa diagrams, are another powerful tool covered in this course. They help you identify the root causes of a problem by visually mapping out potential factors across different categories. By analyzing the various causes, you can prioritize your efforts and address the underlying issues effectively.Check Sheets: Check sheets are a simple, easy to use tool that helps practitioners document the system events. This module also includes instruction on how to create a data collection plan and how to conduct a good time study.In this course, we prioritize hands-on learning and practical application. You will have ample opportunities to work on case studies to reinforce your skills and proficiency with these tools. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit of templates and methods to use and apply the 7 quality tools. You will possess the confidence and skills to analyze complex problems, identify root causes, and develop effective solutions. Whether you’re a business professional, a manager, an engineer, or anyone seeking to improve their problem-solving and quality management abilities, this course will empower you to overcome challenges and drive positive change in any domain.Join in on this exciting journey and unlock your full potential as a skilled professional and innovative problem solver. Enroll today and embark on a transformative learning experience that will equip you with invaluable skills for a lifetime.

Section 1: Histogram

Lecture 1 Histograms – How to Read

Lecture 2 Patterns and Examples

Lecture 3 Pop Culture Example

Lecture 4 Constructing a Histogram in Excel

Lecture 0 Case and Solutions – Histograms

Section 2: Pareto Chart

Lecture 5 History

Lecture 6 Reading a Pareto Chart

Lecture 7 Pareto Chart Examples

Lecture 8 Constructing a Pareto Chart (in Excel)

Lecture 9 Nested Pareto Analysis

Lecture 10 Case & Solutions – Pareto Chart Analysis

Lecture 0 Data Collection Plans

Lecture 0 Time Studies

Lecture 0 Check Sheet Examples

Lecture 0 Case and Solutions – Check Sheets and Data Collection Plans

Section 3: Scatter Diagram and Stratification

Lecture 11 Scatter and Stratification Intro

Lecture 12 Fundamentals of Scatter Plots

Lecture 13 Stratification Diagram Exploration and Examples

Lecture 14 Stratifying Dinosaurs and Excel Template

Section 4: Control Charts

Lecture 15 Advantages of Control Charts

Lecture 16 Constructing a Control Chart in Excel

Lecture 17 Run Charts

Lecture 18 Individual Charts and Signals Part I

Lecture 19 Signals Part II

Lecture 20 Individual Moving Range (I-MR) Charts

Lecture 21 Problems with Attribute Date and P charts

Lecture 22 U Charts

Lecture 0 Case & Solutions – Control Charts

Lecture 0 History and How to Read a Fishbone

Lecture 0 Fishbone Diagrams – Examples

Lecture 0 6M and 6P Templates

Lecture 0 How to Construct a Fishbone Diagram

Lecture 0 Fishbone Diagram Combinations with other Tools

Lecture 0 Case & Solutions – Fishbone Diagram

Quality Management Professionals,Project Managers,Operations Managers,Quality Managers,Industrial Engineers,Quality Engineers,Engineers,Plant Managers


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The Certified Quality Tool Specialist Course


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