Revit Architecture From Beginner To Advanced

Revit Architecture from Beginner to Advanced

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  • Published 3/2023
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Includes 2 Main Projects. For User’s of Revit 2019 and Above.

สิ่งที่คุณจะได้เรียนรู้ (What you’ll learn) :

  • Learn Revit Architecture
  • Do a to do list to learn Revit Architecture
  • Become Experts in Revit Architecture
  • Complete 2 projects in Revit Architecture

ข้อกำหนด (Requirements) :

  • A want to learn mindset is required.
  • You need to have Revit 2019 or later to be able to use the project files.

คำอธิบาย (Description) :
Requirements:Knowledge of how to use a PC/ Laptop is required.A student wants to learn and increase his/ her learning mindset is needed.A student needs to download the project files to have practical example of what needs to be done in the projects.A student follows the videos and make one by one is recommended.A student should take as much as they can and even if they are busy they should learn even if it’s only one video but to keep learning.A student should repeat the videos if they missed a part of the video and if they still have a problem they can send me to ask.All student levels are welcomed.Revit version 2019 and above are required.Minimum Revit version installed 2019, latest version recommended, 30-day trial available from AutodeskRevit is not supported on MAC, you will have to install Windows to run Revit.If you have Revit 2018 and less you can follow the course but you will not be able to download and use the project files.Description:This course will make you learn Revit as BIM, and What is LEED? You’ll be able to Download and Install RevitThen you’ll learn about Revit User Interface, Project Browser and Properties Panel. How to Open a New Project and Changing Units, and the Quick access toolbar. We’ll be learning using rac_basic_sample_project which is a default project made by Autodesk Revit staff. You’ll find Downloadable materials rac_basic_sample_project.rar (16.4 MB) in the course.Also you’ll Learn Basic Tools, Drawing tools, Changing Units and Views Where Basic Tools are: Align, Move, Offset, Copy, Mirror, Rotate, Split, Array, Scale, Trim. Drawing Tools, and Changing Units and ViewsAnd you’ll learn Placing Grids, Levels, Elevations and Section Views.You’ll learn about Walls, Stacked and Compound Walls, Changing Layers in Walls, Curtain Walls placing Curtain Wall Door.And about Wall Sweep: Make Profile, Loading Profile Wall Sweep, Wall Sweep: Model In Place, Wall Sweep: Cut by Inserts and Wall Reveal. And you’ll learn about Ceilings, Doors, Floors, Windows and Roofs: Hip Roof, Half Hip Roof, Shed Roof, Gable Roof, Half Gabled Roof, Gable Catslide Roof.You’ll learn about Ramps, Stairs and Railings.And you’ll learn about Rooms, Legends and SchedulesYou’ll learn Details as Adding Insulation Layer, Repeating Components Brick, Filled Region and Masking Region, Material Tag, Detail Lines, Load Components and Break LinesMoreover you’ll learn Conceptual Mass Environment, how to Open Conceptual Mass Environment, how to make Extrude, Sweep, Revolve, Sweep Blend Form and Load into ProjectAnd you’ll learn about Massing Walls, Roof, and Curtain Walls after importing your form into Revit Project.You’ll learn about Site, Toposurface and Building Pad making Site using Model Lines, Planting and Pavement, Streets, and Trees.And you’ll learn about Energy Modeling, Checks before Modeling and Generating the Energy Modeling.You’ll learn about Diagrams: Exploded Diagrams and Sun Analysis Diagram, Sheets, Rendering and Exporting to LumionYou’ll learn how to model Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier and you’ll find its’ Downloadable materials in the course Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier.rar (11.0 MB)And Finally you’ll learn how to model My Skyscrapper Design and you’ll find its’ Downloadable materials in the courseAlaa Ahmed Skyscrapper.rar (9.2 MB)What are you waiting for? Let’s begin.

คอร์สนี้เหมาะกับใคร (Who this course is for) :

  • Architects from all levels

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Revit as BIM

Lecture 3 What is LEED?

Section 2: Download and Install Revit

Lecture 4 Download and Install Revit

Section 3: Discover Revit Interface

Lecture 5 Project Files: rac_basic_sample_project

Lecture 6 Revit User Interface

Lecture 7 Project Browser

Lecture 8 Properties Panel

Lecture 9 Opening a New Project and Changing Units

Lecture 10 Quick access toolbar

Section 4: Learn Basic Tools, Drawing tools, Changing Units and Views

Lecture 11 Basic Tools: Align, Move, Offset, Copy

Lecture 12 Mirror, Rotate, Split

Lecture 13 Array, Scale, Trim

Lecture 14 Drawing Tools

Lecture 15 Changing Units and Views

Section 5: Placing Grids, Levels, Elevations and Section Views

Lecture 16 Placing Levels

Lecture 17 Placing Grids

Lecture 18 Elevations and Section Views

Section 6: Walls

Lecture 19 Walls

Lecture 20 Stacked and Compound Walls

Lecture 21 Changing Layers in Walls

Lecture 22 Curtain Walls

Lecture 23 Curtain Wall Door

Lecture 24 Wall Sweep Make Profile

Lecture 25 Load Profile Wall Sweep

Lecture 26 Wall Sweep Model In Place

Lecture 27 Wall Sweep Cut by Inserts

Lecture 28 Wall Reveal

Section 7: Ceilings, Doors, Floors and Windows

Lecture 29 Ceilings

Lecture 30 Doors

Lecture 31 Floors

Lecture 32 Windows

Section 8: Roofs

Lecture 33 Hip Roof

Lecture 34 Half Hip Roof

Lecture 35 Shed Roof

Lecture 36 Gable Roof

Lecture 37 Half Gabled Roof

Lecture 38 Gable Catslide Roof

Section 9: Ramps and Stairs

Lecture 39 Ramps

Lecture 40 Stairs

Lecture 41 Railings

Section 10: Rooms, Legends and Schedules

Lecture 42 Rooms and Room Legends

Lecture 43 Room Schedules

Lecture 44 Room Schedules 2

Section 11: Details

Lecture 45 Adding Insulation Layer

Lecture 46 Filled Region and Masking Region

Lecture 47 Repeating Components Brick

Lecture 48 Material Tag

Lecture 49 Detail Lines

Lecture 50 Load Components and Break Lines

Section 12: Conceptual Mass Environment

Lecture 51 Open Conceptual Mass Environment

Lecture 52 Extrude

Lecture 53 Sweep

Lecture 54 Revolve

Lecture 55 Sweep Blend Form and Load into Project

Lecture 56 Massing Walls, Roof, and Curtain Walls

Section 13: Site

Lecture 57 Toposurface and Building Pad

Lecture 58 Site: Model Line

Lecture 59 Site: Model Line 2

Lecture 60 Site: Model Line 3

Lecture 61 Site: Planting and Pavement

Lecture 62 Site: Street

Lecture 63 Site: Trees

Section 14: Energy Modeling

Lecture 64 Energy Modeling: Checks before Modeling

Lecture 65 Generate our Energy Modeling

Section 15: Diagrams

Lecture 66 Exploded Diagrams

Lecture 67 Sun Analysis Diagram

Section 16: Sheets

Lecture 68 Sheets

Section 17: Rendering

Lecture 69 Rendering

Lecture 70 Export to Lumion

Section 18: Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier

Lecture 71 Villa Savoye: Project Files

Lecture 72 Villa Savoye: Import cad, and Do the Walls and the Doors of the Ground Floor

Lecture 73 Villa Savoye: Ramp

Lecture 74 Villa Savoe: Stairs

Lecture 75 Villa Savoye: Floors Ground Level, Walls Level 1

Lecture 76 Villa Savoye: Make the Ramp and Stairs Multiple Levels

Lecture 77 Villa Savoye: Walls and Doors Level 1

Lecture 78 Villa Savoye: Level 1 Curtain Walls

Lecture 79 Villa Savoye: Edit Ramp to Reach Level 2

Lecture 80 Villa Savoye: Columns

Lecture 81 Villa Savoye: Walls on the top of the Flat Roof

Section 19: My Skyscrapper Design

Lecture 82 Skyscrapper by Alaa Ahmed: Project Files

Lecture 83 Skyscraper: Creating Levels

Lecture 84 Skyscraper Ground Floor Level

Lecture 85 Skyscraper: Level 10

Lecture 86 Skyscraper: Level 28

Lecture 87 Skyscraper: Level 64

Lecture 88 Skyscrapper: Level 100

Lecture 89 Skyscrapper: Create Form

Lecture 90 Skyscrapper: Import to Project

Lecture 91 Skyscrapper: Mass Floors

Lecture 92 Skyscrapper: Mass Modeling Walls, Curtain Walls, and Roof

Lecture 93 Thank You for ending this Course

Architects from all levels

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Revit Architecture from Beginner to Advanced


A want to learn mindset is required.
You need to have Revit 2019 or later to be able to use the project files.
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