Playwright Python And Pytest For Web Automation Testing

Playwright Python And Pytest For Web Automation Testing


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Published 6/2023
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Learn Playwright and pytest for Web Automation Testing & API Testing with this Comprehensive Course

What you’ll learn
Write python scripts to launch browsers and automate tasks performed usually on websites
Locate web elements using various methods like element role, inner text, form label or placeholder, CSS selectors, and XPath
Perform actions on web elements like hover, click, fill form, select option, upload files, and use keyboard shortcuts
Handle events like auto-waiting, custom waiting for an element to load, page navigations, requests, and downloads
Log in to websites and authenticate yourself using your account like Google accounts
Write a script to automate inbox mail checking for new emails and report the same
Use pytest to write and run test cases and define custom pytest fixtures to share test state/data
Utilize playwright tools like taking screenshots, recording videos, trace viewer, and auto code generator
Apply best practices like web-first assertions, Page Object Models (POM), request interceptions and Parallelism
Test API endpoints, define custom API request context, handle API responses, and mock API custom data
Deploy automated tests using Github CI
Practice Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with playwright and python behave


Playwright is a modern, fast and reliable browser automation tool from Microsoft that enables testing and automation across all modern browsers including chromium, firefox and webkit. Pytest is a popular Python testing framework that offers a simple and flexible way to write and run tests. In this course, you will learn how to blend Playwright capabilities into the Pytest framework with the use of pytest-playwright plugin.This course is designed for beginners in mind! It’s alright if you don’t anything about web automation! We will cover all the basics of Playwright and Web Automation Essentials, step by step -Different method to locate web elements like role, text, css selectors, xpath, etc.Perform actions on web elements like clicking, filling forms, Events like Auto-waiting, page navigation, downloads, etc.Authentication with your google accountAs a bonus, we will develop a script to automatically check for new emails in our inbox and report them back i.e. automated mail checking!After learning web automation, we will start with testing. Again, it’s alright if you’re new to automation testing or testing at all! You’ll go from writing a basic test to deploying automated tests -Basics of testing with pytestPlaywright pytest pluginPlaywright Tools like trace viewer, codegen, etc.Web-first assertions using expect( )Solve modern testing problems with UI Testing PlaygroundPlaywright fixtures, custom setup/teardown using test hooks, , etc.Implement Page Object Model (POM)Handle network eventsREST API Testing, authentication and API request contextOptimizations techniques like ParallelismDeploy automated tests to CIParameterize tests with predefined test dataBehaviour Driven Development with python behaveand more…By the end of the course, you will be able to write automated tests and perform fast, reliable, and capable testing and automation using Playwright and Pytest.

Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Installation

Lecture 2 Playwright Website

Lecture 3 Launch Browser

Lecture 4 Click Link

Lecture 5 Overview

Section 2: Locators

Lecture 6 Playwright in Python REPL

Lecture 7 Role Locator

Lecture 8 Input Field Locator

Lecture 9 Inner Text Locator

Lecture 10 Alt Text Locator

Lecture 11 Title Locator

Lecture 12 CSS Selectors

Lecture 13 CSS Selectors – Hierarchy

Lecture 14 CSS Selectors – Pseudo Classes

Lecture 15 XPath Locators

Lecture 16 XPath Functions

Lecture 17 Other Locators

Section 3: Actions

Lecture 18 Mouse Actions

Lecture 19 Fill Input Fields

Lecture 20 Radios, Checkboxes and Switches

Lecture 21 Select Option From Option Menu

Lecture 22 Dropdown Menu

Lecture 23 Upload Files

Lecture 24 Keyboard Shortcuts

Section 4: Events

Lecture 25 Auto Waiting

Lecture 26 Page Navigation Events

Lecture 27 Custom Waiting

Lecture 28 Event Listeners

Lecture 29 Handling Dialogs

Lecture 30 Download Files

Lecture 31 What Is Sync and Async?

Lecture 32 Async Playwright

Section 5: Authentication

Lecture 33 Log In With Google Account

Lecture 34 Save Authentication State

Lecture 35 Reuse Authentication State

Section 6: Automated Mail Checker

Lecture 36 Automatic Mail Checker

Lecture 37 Project Setup

Lecture 38 Locate New Emails

Lecture 39 Locate Email Data

Lecture 40 Combine Locators

Lecture 41 Email Check From Terminal

Section 7: pytest

Lecture 42 Testing with pytest

Lecture 43 Writing Test

Lecture 44 Running Test

Lecture 45 Type Hinting

Lecture 46 Test State Example

Lecture 47 Create pytest Fixture

Lecture 48 Using Fixture In Test Cases

Lecture 49 Fixture Scope

Section 8: pytest-playwright Plugin

Lecture 50 Install pytest-playwright plugin

Lecture 51 Writing Test with Playwright

Lecture 52 Running Test

Lecture 53 Pytest Config File

Lecture 54 Test Hook

Section 9: Playwright Tools

Lecture 55 Take Screenshot

Lecture 56 Record Video

Lecture 57 Trace Generator and Viewer

Lecture 58 Playwright Codegen

Section 10: Web-First Assertions

Lecture 59 Page Assertions

Lecture 60 Element State Assertions

Lecture 61 Inner Text Assertions

Lecture 62 Attribute Assertions

Lecture 63 Input Field Assertions

Lecture 64 Checkbox Assertions

Lecture 65 Option Menu Assertions

Section 11: UI Testing Playground

Lecture 66 Dynamic Id

Lecture 67 Class Attribute

Lecture 68 Hidden Layer

Lecture 69 Load Delay

Lecture 70 Ajax Request

Lecture 71 Click Action

Lecture 72 Input Fields

Lecture 73 Scrollbars

Lecture 74 Dynamic Table

Lecture 75 Verify Text

Lecture 76 Progressbar

Lecture 77 Element Visibility

Lecture 78 App Login

Lecture 79 Mouse Hover

Lecture 80 Non Breaking Space Character

Lecture 81 Overlapped Elements

Section 12: Playwright Fixtures

Lecture 82 Function Scope Fixtures

Lecture 83 Session Scope Fixtures

Lecture 84 Browser Selection Markers

Lecture 85 Browser Launch And Context Arguments

Section 13: Page Object Model (POM)

Lecture 86 What Is Page Object Model

Lecture 87 POM Implementation

Lecture 88 POM Usage

Lecture 89 POM Example

Lecture 90 POM Example Usage

Section 14: Network Events

Lecture 91 Network Events

Lecture 92 Handle Requests

Lecture 93 Modify Response

Section 15: API Testing

Lecture 94 Making an API Call

Lecture 95 API Request Context

Lecture 96 API Query String

Lecture 97 CRUD Operations

Lecture 98 Mock API with Custom Data

Section 16: Optimization

Lecture 99 Intercept Resource Requests

Lecture 100 Disabling Javascript

Lecture 101 Parallelism – Run Tests In Parallel

Section 17: Tips and Tricks

Lecture 102 pytest CLI Arguments

Lecture 103 Python Debugger

Lecture 104 Device Emulation

Lecture 105 Evaluate Javascript

Section 18: Github API

Lecture 106 Introduction

Lecture 107 Project Setup

Lecture 108 Github Token

Lecture 109 Authorized API Context

Lecture 110 Writing Test

Lecture 111 Running Test

Section 19: Continuous Integration (CI)

Lecture 112 Introduction

Lecture 113 Setup Repository

Lecture 114 Writing Test

Lecture 115 Github Action

Lecture 116 Running Automated Tests

Section 20: Data Driven Testing

Lecture 117 What Is Data Driven Testing?

Lecture 118 Pytest Paramertrize

Lecture 119 Running Test

Section 21: Behaviour Driven Development

Lecture 120 What Is Behaviour Driven Development?

Lecture 121 Project Setup

Lecture 122 Define Feature

Lecture 123 Implement Steps

Lecture 124 Running Tests with Behave

Beginner python developers who wish to learn web automation testing,Automation testers who wish to learn about Playwright



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Playwright Python And Pytest For Web Automation Testing


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