Object-Oriented Programming In Python By Renato Boemer 2023

Object-Oriented Programming In Python By Renato Boemer 2023


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Published 6/2023
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Mastering Class Design, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Code Refactoring for Efficient Data Analysis and Machine Learning

What you’ll learn
Master Python’s OOP Fundamentals: Unleash the power of classes, methods, and objects to design robust, scalable software.
Demystify Inheritance & Polymorphism: Understand how to reuse and extend code to create efficient, versatile programs.
Elevate Your Code with Refactoring: Learn techniques to transform your code into clean, efficient, and readable scripts.
Understand How to Apply OOP Concepts in Real-World Contexts: Look into practical applications like machine learning.
Sniff Out Code Smells: Gain expertise in identifying and resolving common coding pitfalls to maintain high-quality code.

Python Fundamentals: a basic understanding of Python data types, control flow, loops, and functions.

Learn how to use Python for detailed data analysis with our course on Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). This course, “Understanding OOP in Python: Learning about Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Improving Code for Advanced Data Analysis & Machine Learning,” gives you a deep understanding of OOP. This will help you write code that’s easy to update and can handle a lot of data.Start with the basics of how to design a class and discover the details of inheritance and polymorphism. These are important tools for writing strong, reusable code. You’ll learn to spot problems in your code, and how to improve your code to make it better and faster. This is a key skill for any coder.We’ll look at real-world examples from machine learning to help you understand how OOP works in practice. This will be really useful for your own data projects. The course also has a special section with advanced ChatGPT prompts. These are designed to make you think, help you remember what you’ve learned, and provide a space to explore difficult questions about OOP.This course will set you up to learn more complex data processing and machine learning techniques using Python. It’s a great resource for data professionals and students who want to get better at coding. So dive into this complete OOP course and open up new opportunities in your journey with data analysis.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Object-Oriented Programming Basics

Lecture 2 OOP Basics

Lecture 3 Defining a Class

Lecture 4 Creating and Using Objects

Lecture 5 What is “self” in a Python class?

Section 3: Inheritance

Lecture 6 Basics of Inheritance

Lecture 7 Inheritance vs Composition

Section 4: Polymorphism

Lecture 8 Basics of Polymorphism

Section 5: Decorators

Lecture 9 Using Decorators

Section 6: Advanced OOP with ChatGPT

Lecture 10 Prompts that will take you to the next level

Section 7: EXTRA: Refactoring Your Code

Lecture 11 Introduction to Refactoring

Python Students: Those who have been through the basics of Python and want to advance their skills by learning about object-oriented programming.,Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers: Professionals who are looking to leverage OOP principles to write more efficient and manageable machine learning code.,Software Engineers: Those aiming to improve their Python code structure, scalability, and maintainability by adopting OOP principles.,Students and Educators: Individuals in academia who want to enhance their understanding of Python and OOP for teaching, learning, or research purposes.,Anyone interested in Python OOP: This course is suitable for anyone curious about object-oriented programming and looking to delve deeper into Python’s capabilities.



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Object-Oriented Programming In Python By Renato Boemer 2023


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