Next.Js 13 And React Crash Course 2023

Next.Js 13 And React Crash Course 2023


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Published 6/2023
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Build a Full Stack NextJS App with the Official React Framework

What you’ll learn
Learn key NextJS 13 features like App Directory Structure, Routing, React Server Components vs Client components, Layouts and more.
Learn how to build client-side, server-side, fullstack ReactJS apps with NextJS.
Build a practical hands-on project without all the fluff.
Learn NextJS even if you are a beginner in a weekend.

React knowledge is recommended. But the course includes a React starter book.
No previous NextJS knowledge is required

In this book, we take you on a fun, hands-on and pragmatic journey to learning Next.js 13 development. You’ll start building your first Next.js app within minutes. Every section is recorded in a bite-sized manner and straight to the point as I don’t want to waste your time (and most certainly mine) on the content you don’t need. In this course, we will cover:1. Introduction and Setup 2. File Structure, HomePage and Using Daisy UI 3. Routing System and Nested Routes 4. Layouts 5. Metadata API 6. Navigation Bar 7. React Server Components vs Client Components 8. Data Fetching 9. Rendering GitHub Users 10. Dynamic Routes and Params Prop 11 Repos Component 12. Loading Page 13. Caching and Revalidating 14. API Route Handlers 15. Serving Books Data 16. Fetching Books Data 17. Slight Adjustment 18. Getting Search Params 19. Adding a New Book 20. Refactor Server to Client Component 21. Search Component22. AddBook Component23. Calling the Add Book End Point24. Refreshing Books After Adding 25. Deleting a Book 26. Setting up Prisma Database 27. Getting Books from Prisma 28. Adding a book into Prisma DB 29. Deleting from Prisma Database 30. Searching from Prisma Database The goal of this book is to teach you Next.js full stack development in a manageable way without overwhelming you. We focus only on the essentials and cover the material in a hands-on practice manner for you to code along.Working Through This CourseThis book is purposely broken down into short section where the development process of each section will center on different essential topics. The book course a practical hands on approach to learning through practice. You learn best when you code along with the examples in the book.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Setup

Lecture 3 File Structure, HomePage and DaisyUI

Lecture 4 Routing System and Nested Routes

Lecture 5 Layouts

Lecture 6 Metadata API

Lecture 7 Navigation Bar

Lecture 8 React Server Components and Client Components

Lecture 9 Data Fetching

Lecture 10 Rendering GitHub Users

Lecture 11 Dynamic Routes and Params Prop

Lecture 12 Repos Component

Lecture 13 Loading Page

Lecture 14 Caching and Revalidating

Lecture 15 API Route Handlers

Lecture 16 Serving Books Data

Lecture 17 Fetching Books Data

Lecture 18 Slight Adjustment

Lecture 19 Getting Search Params

Lecture 20 Adding a New Book

Lecture 21 Refactor Server to Client Component

Lecture 22 Search Component

Lecture 23 AddBook Component

Lecture 24 Calling the AddBook EndPoint

Lecture 25 Refreshing Books After Adding

Lecture 26 Deleting a Book

Lecture 27 Setting Up Prisma Database

Lecture 28 Getting Books From Prisma Database

Lecture 29 Adding a Book into Prisma Database

Lecture 30 Deleting from Prisma Database

Lecture 31 Searching from Prisma Database

React and web developers in general who want to build fullstack React apps



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Next.Js 13 And React Crash Course 2023


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