Neuro-Symbolic AI: Design transparent and trustworthy systems that understand the world as you do (True/Retail PDF, EPUB)

Neuro-Symbolic AI: Design transparent and trustworthy systems that understand the world as you do (True/Retail PDF, EPUB)


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English | 2023 | ISBN: ‎ 1804617628 | 196 pages | True/Retail PDF EPUB | 11.21 MB

Explore the inner workings of AI along with its limitations and future developments and create your first transparent and trustworthy neuro-symbolic AI system

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Key Features

Understand symbolic and statistical techniques through examples and detailed explanations
Explore the potential of neuro-symbolic AI for future developments using case studies
Discover the benefits of combining symbolic AI with modern neural networks to build transparent and high-performance AI solutions

Book Description

Neuro-symbolic AI offers the potential to create intelligent systems that possess both the reasoning capabilities of symbolic AI along with the learning capabilities of neural networks. This book provides an overview of AI and its inner mechanics, covering both symbolic and neural network approaches.

You’ll begin by exploring the decline of symbolic AI and the recent neural network revolution, as well as their limitations. The book then delves into the importance of building trustworthy and transparent AI solutions using explainable AI techniques. As you advance, you’ll explore the emerging field of neuro-symbolic AI, which combines symbolic AI and modern neural networks to improve performance and transparency. You’ll also learn how to get started with neuro-symbolic AI using Python with the help of practical examples. In addition, the book covers the most promising technologies in the field, providing insights into the future of AI.

Upon completing this book, you will acquire a profound comprehension of neuro-symbolic AI and its practical implications. Additionally, you will cultivate the essential abilities to conceptualize, design, and execute neuro-symbolic AI solutions.
What you will learn

Gain an understanding of the intuition behind neuro-symbolic AI
Determine the correct uses that can benefit from neuro-symbolic AI
Differentiate between types of explainable AI techniques
Think about, design, and implement neuro-symbolic AI solutions
Create and fine-tune your first neuro-symbolic AI system
Explore the advantages of fusing symbolic AI with modern neural networks in neuro-symbolic AI systems

Who this book is for

This book is ideal for data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI enthusiasts who want to explore the emerging field of neuro-symbolic AI and discover how to build transparent and trustworthy AI solutions. A basic understanding of AI concepts and familiarity with Python programming are needed to make the most of this book.
Table of Contents

The Evolution and Pitfalls of AI
The Rise and Fall of Symbolic AI
The Neural Networks Revolution
The Need for Explainable AI
Introducing Neuro-Symbolic AI: The Next Level of AI
A Marriage of Neurons and Symbols: Opportunities and Obstacles
Applications of Neuro-Symbolic AI
Neuro-Symbolic Programming in Python
The Future of AI



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