Midjourney Course: Learn From Award-Winning A.I. Expert

Midjourney Course: Learn From Award-Winning A.I. Expert


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Published 9/2023
Created by Absolutely Ai
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The secrets to creating professional A.I. imagery for your business, viral content and monetisation with Midjourney.

What you’ll learn
Learn From an Award-Winning A.I. Artist
Create Professional and Viral Content
Receive 150 Professional Prompts FREE!
Make Money From Your A.I. Art
Trusted By Clients Like Sony & NFL
Mastery of the Powerful S.E.S Framework
Hands-On Experience with Advanced Techniques
Learn From The ‘Top Voice’ In A.I. Creativity

No prior knowledge essential. You will learn everything you need to know!
You will need a basic Midjourney subscription.

Meet your instructor:Jamie is the founder of Absolutely Ai creative content agency and has used Midjourney to create professional imagery for dozens of brands and companies around the world – including promoting the NFL’s 2023 Super Bowl and teaching top content creators on behalf of Sony – and reaching more than 50 MILLION people with viral imagery in the process!Why this is the Midjourney course for you:Artificial intelligence tools give everyone the opportunity to stand out with their content. You don’t have to have a huge marketing team to create exceptional images that effectively resonate with your audience, promote your brand or earns you money. All it takes is the right knowledge and a touch of creativity.We will give you the following tools to succeed, including:Powerful S.E.S Framework: Revolutionise your image creationReaching the Right Audience:  Effectively marking your markMonetisation Guide: Turn creativity into cashCameras: Capture perfection with precisionLighting: Illuminate with professional flairLenses: Craft visuals with depthPhotographic Effects: Elevate imagery with finesseArtistic Styles: Unleash creativity, redefine stylesChoosing the Correct Aspect Ratio: Perfect framing, every timeCamera Angles: Dynamic perspectives, captivating resultsShadow: Master the art of contrastAdding Emotion and Meaning: Infuse depth, tell storiesParameters: Fine-tune for impeccable visualsMulti-Prompts: Amplify creativity, multiply impactPrompt Weighting: Optimise for balanced compositionsAdvanced Techniques: Harness innovation, lead trendsFace-swapping: Achieve realistic likeness seamlesslyAdding Servers: Expand capabilities, enhance performanceBest Practice Settings: Optimise for successVersion Styles: Adapt, evolve, impressFor a limited time, you will also receive an exclusive 150 PROFESSIONAL PROMPT PACK that will include dozens of artistic styles from hyper-real photography to captivating Niji cartoons, providing you with a versatile toolkit to kickstart your journey in creating viral and professional AI imagery for your business or projects. Your controversial instructor:In 2023, Jamie made global headlines by winning the world’s first photography competition using an A.I. ‘photograph’ (queue the backlash!) and has since travelled to major cities educating content creators on behalf of brands like Sony and Interactive Minds to incorporate artificial intelligence tools into their workflow.This is your golden ticket to mastering the art of A.I. imagery with Midjourney, offering you a head start in the competitive digital space. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your craft with this course, curated by an award-winning AI artist.

Who this course is for
This comprehensive course will suit everyone from beginners to advances users.
Whether you’re starting your journey or looking to sharpen your expertise, this course offers invaluable insights and tools to revolutionise your approach to AI imagery.


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Midjourney Course: Learn From Award-Winning A.I. Expert


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