Midjourney Ai Art Ultimate Beginner To Expert Guide

Midjourney Ai Art Ultimate Beginner To Expert Guide


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Published 6/2023
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Comprehensive Guide to Midjourney: Basics, Art Customization, Expert Techniques, External Resources for AI Creativity

What you’ll learn
Identify and understand the key concepts of Midjourney AI and its practical applications in digital art.
Use Midjourney AI to generate and customize digital artwork
Utilize advanced settings and techniques in Midjourney AI to create high-quality digital art such as Negative Keywords, Quality Settings, and Seed and Chaos.
Integrate Midjourney AI with external resources such as Artificial Lighting AI, upscalers and etc. to further enhance the digital art creation process.

There are no strict requirements or prerequisites for taking this course. However, a basic understanding of digital art creation and image editing software would be helpful. Additionally, learners should have a reliable internet connection, a computer or mobile device.

Dive into the AI Art Pool: “Midjourney AI Art: Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guide” is your ticket to becoming an AI art maestro, whether you’re a seasoned creative professional or a curious doodler armed with a vivid imagination and a yearning for exploration.This course isn’t just a buffet of AI knowledge; it’s a full-on, Michelin-star culinary journey of AI Art. We’ll start you off with the appetizing basics — understanding AI, demystifying algorithms, and how they can be your secret sauce in real-world creative challenges.But we don’t stop at the basics! Like a well-layered lasagna, we delve into deeper, more complex layers of AI Art. As we cruise through our curriculum, you’ll dip your toes (or rather, your cursor) into more advanced techniques, turning you into a bona fide AI Picasso, da Vinci, or Kahlo.Through a mix of hands-on projects and expert-guided tutorials, you’ll be able to whip up stunning AI Art pieces from scratch—like a master chef, but with algorithms instead of ingredients. You’ll be creating showstopping, unique pieces of art that’ll have people gasping, “Wait, you made that with AI?”Along with the course, you’ll receive the “Mastering Midjourney with 100+ Practical and Inspiring Prompts” guide. It’s your creative compass, filled with inspirational ideas to kickstart your AI art journey. Stuck or eager to push boundaries? This guide will be your trusted ally, lighting up the path to uncharted artistic territories.By the time you’re through with us, you’ll not only have a solid understanding of AI Art but also the prowess to wield AI tools to craft your own unique, eye-catching artwork. Are you ready to channel your inner artistry, disrupt your creative norm, and craft masterpieces with AI? Then strap on your seatbelt, and let’s embark on this Midjourney AI art course today! Prepare for lift-off in 3…2…1…

Section 1: Introduction to Midjourney AI

Lecture 1 What is Midjourney AI?

Lecture 2 Practical applications of AI art

Section 2: Getting Started with Midjourney AI

Lecture 3 Setting up a Midjourney AI account.

Lecture 4 Tiers of Accounts. Commercial Use. Stealth Mode.

Lecture 5 Navigating the Midjourney AI

Section 3: Creating Digital Art with Midjourney AI

Lecture 6 Customizing your artwork. Prompts

Lecture 7 Main Settings

Lecture 8 Understanding Resolutions, Upscaling and Aspect Ratios

Lecture 9 Downloading your artwork

Lecture 10 MJ4 vs MJ5. RAW Mode

Lecture 11 Niji Mode

Lecture 12 Word Weight

Section 4: Advanced Tips and Tricks for Using Midjourney AI

Lecture 13 Consistency, Seed, Image Weight

Lecture 14 Blend Mode, Describe, Multi-Prompt

Lecture 15 Permutation Prompts

Lecture 16 Negative Keywords

Lecture 17 Chaos, Tile, Stylize, Quality

Lecture 18 Prefer Suffix and Prefer Option Set

Lecture 19 Common mistakes to avoid

Lecture 20 Typography

Section 5: Helpful external resources

Lecture 21 Artificial Lighting AI

Lecture 22 Vector Images

Lecture 23 Prompt Building

Lecture 24 Non-Photoshop Background Removal

Lecture 25 Upscale your Art

Lecture 26 Style Inspiration

Section 6: Conclusion and Next Steps

Lecture 27 Conclusion: Your Future in Art

This course is ideal for beginners and intermediate level digital artists who want to learn how to use Midjourney AI to create digital art, as well as any creative person in need of a quality source of digital art/images. Learners who are interested in exploring the possibilities of AI-generated art and want to develop their skills in this area.



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Midjourney Ai Art Ultimate Beginner To Expert Guide


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