Microsoft Power Bi Desktop And Dax Plus Dashboard Creation

Microsoft Power Bi Desktop And Dax Plus Dashboard Creation


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Published 5/2023
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2023 Edition Power BI Desktop Course. Learn DAX with projects and how to create Reports and Dashboards

What you’ll learn
You learn how to use Power BI Desktop for Report and Dashboard creation
Transform and clean data using Power Query
Data modelling (creating relationships)
Write DAX (data analysis expression) from beginner to advanced level
Creating interactive Reports
Creating interactive Dashboards
Write advanced DAX using Variables

No previous Power BI knowledge is needed ( I will teach you all you need to know)
Basic computer skill
Willing to learn new skill

Welcome to Power BI Desktop course. This is completely built with lots of Practical that will make you work with any real-Life datasetsAre you a data professional or aspiring analyst looking to learn the top business intelligence platform on the market,taking this course will build your confidence in data and analytics in general.Through out the course we will guide you through on how to approach real-life projects.This is the scenario:You just got hired as a DATA analyst into a sales and distribution company. Your first task is to use POWER BI to getinsight from the company’s historical data.Request from your Employer:Your employer needs you to help them TRACK KPI’s like: Revenue, Returns, Refunds & Profit etc. Create a dashboard that helps them find trend and other useful insights.They want to identify high profitable Product, Customer and Location etcYou don’t need to worry about how to go through this project, we’ll be here to walk you through every single step with intuitive, crystal clear explanations and helpful resources you need to get better.Step 1: Connecting to data and transformationIn this first stage we are going to look at how to get data, get it clean and transformed and load it into Power BI desktop.We will explore how to append data from csv and further use the advanced way to combine data from csv which is using the folder option to consolidate your yearly, weekly, quarterly or monthly data for easy update.Step 2: Data modelling or Creating a RelationshipIn this stage we will look at how to best connect your data table and the lookup tables together.Step 3: Adding Calculated Fields with DAXIn this stage things will start to get more interesting. This is the stage you are going to get introduced to Data AnalysisExpressions (DAX) at this stage we will learn how to create calculated columns and measures, explore when to use calculated column and when to avoid it.Step 4: Visualization (Dashboard)This final stage is where we bring our data to LIFE with report and dashboard. We will learn the best way to create an outstanding dashboard, create custom tooltips, explore bookmarks and Power BI What-If Parameters.

Section 1: Course Projects

Lecture 1 Take a look at the projects we are going to create in this Course

Section 2: Intro to POPWER BI Desktop

Lecture 2 Best place to Install Power BI Desktop from

Lecture 3 Important Power BI Settings you need to Know

Lecture 4 Quick tour to Power BI

Lecture 5 All helpful resources to Learn Power BI

Section 3: How to Connect and Transform Data in Power Query

Lecture 6 Importing Product Table to Power Query

Lecture 7 Understanding the Query Editor

Lecture 8 Choose columns and Removing columns

Lecture 9 Power Query Marge Column and Column from Example

Lecture 10 Extracting Text in Power Qury

Lecture 11 Regional data Settings

Lecture 12 Intro to Append Queries

Lecture 13 Basic way to Append Queries or Tables

Lecture 14 Advanced way to Append Queries or Tables

Lecture 15 Adding Index Number and Merging Queries

Lecture 16 How to Merge multiple columns

Lecture 17 Importing the Returns FactTable

Lecture 18 Power Query Static Calendar Table

Lecture 19 Build Dynamic Power Query Calendar Table

Lecture 20 Exclude some Tables from Report Refresh

Lecture 21 How to solve some common Queries Error

Section 4: Creating Data Modeling

Lecture 22 Intro to Data Model

Lecture 23 Arranging Tables in the Models

Lecture 24 Creating a Star Schema Relationships

Lecture 25 Creating SnowFlake Relationships

Section 5: 04 How to create a Date Table using DAX

Lecture 26 How to create A Date Table with DAX

Lecture 27 How to restrict CALENDAR AUTO with VAR

Lecture 28 Two ways to add columns in a Data Table

Lecture 29 How to use IN and If Function

Lecture 30 Mark your date table

Section 6: Understand Calculated Column in Power BI

Lecture 31 Intro to DAX Language in Power BI

Lecture 32 Understanding Implicit Measures and Explicit Measures

Lecture 33 Intro to Calculated Column

Lecture 34 Aggregation with Calculated column

Lecture 35 Fixing Percentage Error in Calculated column

Lecture 36 Calculate Order Level in Calculated column

Lecture 37 Customer Segmentation in Calculated Column

Section 7: Understand DAX Measures

Lecture 38 Intro to DAX Measures

Lecture 39 How to Organize your Measures in a Single Table

Lecture 40 DAX Measures for Aggregations

Lecture 41 Calculating Returned and Refund Rates

Lecture 42 Correct way to use the Count Functions 1

Lecture 43 Correct way to use the Count Functions 2

Lecture 44 Intro to the Calculate Function

Lecture 45 Details on Calculated Columns

Lecture 46 Transaction in Canada using CACULATE FUNCTION

Lecture 47 Best Website to learn DAX FUNCTIONS

Lecture 48 All and Calculate Function

Lecture 49 Us All Function with multiple Tables

Lecture 50 Allselected with Calculate to get correct Percentage

Lecture 51 Adding Comment in Power BI

Lecture 52 Understand DAX Table Function

Lecture 53 The AND Function

Lecture 54 Advanced AND Function

Section 8: Understand Context Transition

Lecture 55 Intro to Context Transition

Lecture 56 Changing Row context to Filter Context

Lecture 57 Segmenting Customer using Context Transition

Lecture 58 Adding DrillThrough To know your customers by segment

Section 9: Simplify DAX with Variables

Lecture 59 Simplify DAX with Variables

Lecture 60 02 Example of VAR or variables

Lecture 61 03 VAR with Percentage of Grand Total

Lecture 62 Fix Issues on Customer Table

Lecture 63 Creating a disconnected Table for Top N

Lecture 64 Top N measure

Lecture 65 08 Top N with What-If Parameter

Section 10: 09 Understand the default Filters in Power BI Desktop

Lecture 66 Understand Filter on This Visual

Lecture 67 Understand Filter on This Page alone

Lecture 68 Filter on All pages

Section 11: Visualization ( Learn to create a Detailed Dashboard)

Lecture 69 Dashboard Overview

Lecture 70 How to Sketch your Dashboard Layout before Creation

Lecture 71 Creating a KPI Cards

Lecture 72 Finding Profitable customer and Product

Lecture 73 Show daily Trend with a Line Chart and zooming option

Lecture 74 Top 10 Ordered Products

Lecture 75 Things you need to create clean Dashboard

Lecture 76 Formatting Dashboard

Lecture 77 Arranging Shapes in Power Point for dashboard Template

Lecture 78 How to pick correlated colors for your Dashboard

Lecture 79 Getting statics and Animated Icons

Lecture 80 Formatting and adding Animated Icons to our Dashboard

Lecture 81 Formatting Table

Lecture 82 Edit Interactions for slicers and visuals

Lecture 83 Adding Bookmarks buttons and blur plus Map chart

Lecture 84 How to show and Hide Bookmarks

Lecture 85 Adjust shape in Power point

Section 12: Visualization (Dashboard with profit forecast)

Lecture 86 Project Dataset

Lecture 87 Challenge Dashboard

Lecture 88 Creating Forecast in a Line Chart

Lecture 89 Using the Gauge Chart for comparing values with Target

Lecture 90 Creating Tooltip Template in Power Point

Lecture 91 Creating a custom Tooltip

Lecture 92 Creating Conditional Formatting Measure for a Gauge Chart

Lecture 93 How to fix Blank Error

Lecture 94 Weekday Profit

Lecture 95 Adding Slicers

Lecture 96 Adding Drill Through

Lecture 97 How to add Info to Drill Through

Lecture 98 Formatting dashboard and adding background

Section 13: Dashboard using What-If Parameter to change Scenarios

Lecture 99 Project Dataset

Lecture 100 Intro to What-If Analysis Dashboard

Lecture 101 Parameter slide for Quantity Ordered

Lecture 102 Parameter for Cost Change

Lecture 103 Parameter for changing prices of products

Lecture 104 Profit percentage change

Lecture 105 Creating Table and formatting

Lecture 106 Creating Dark template in Power point formatting

Lecture 107 How to create a conditional Measures to show Up and Down trends

Section 14: What-If Analysis Dashboard with Top-5

Lecture 108 Project Dataset

Lecture 109 Dashboard intro

Lecture 110 Creating new page

Lecture 111 Charts for Top New and Old Products

Lecture 112 KPI Cards

Lecture 113 Creating Template in Power Point

Lecture 114 Changing Dashboard colors

Section 15: Sales Returns Dashboard

Lecture 115 Project Dataset

Lecture 116 Intro to Returned Dashboard

Lecture 117 Important KPI’s

Lecture 118 Returned and Refund Trend

Lecture 119 Align charts and cards

Lecture 120 Creating a template in Power Point

Lecture 121 Importing and Formatting dashboard

Lecture 122 How to create hide and show filter part 1

Lecture 123 How to create hide and show filter part 2

Lecture 124 Changing cards in Power Point

Lecture 125 How to Create Advanced caption using DAX-VAR

Data analysts,Students,Managers,People who want to develop analytics skills



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Microsoft Power Bi Desktop And Dax Plus Dashboard Creation


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