Mern Stack E-Commerce Project: Part 2: Frontend Only

MERN Stack Ecommerce Project Part 2 Frontend Only

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  • Published 3/2023
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Step-by-Step Guide to Building Full-Featured E-commerce APIs with MERN Stack

สิ่งที่คุณจะได้เรียนรู้ (What you’ll learn) :

  • Payment integration using Stripe
  • Payment webHook handling
  • Order statistics and analysis
  • Admin process for managing orders
  • Implementing categories and product management
  • Order management system
  • Implementing user authentication and authorization

ข้อกำหนด (Requirements) :

  • Basics of react is required
  • Basics of react redux (Required)

คำอธิบาย (Description) :
The MERN Stack Ecommerce course is a comprehensive program that aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to build and deploy a full-featured API. The course covers a range of topics, including integrating Stripe for payment processing, pagination and filtering techniques, order statistics and analysis, admin processes for managing orders, implementing categories and product management, order management systems, building and connecting to the database, and implementing user authentication and authorization.The course starts with an introduction to NodeJS and the basics of building an API. Students will learn how to set up a development environment, create and test API endpoints, and connect to a database. As the course progresses, students will learn about integrating Stripe for payment processing, handling webhooks, pagination and filtering techniques, and order statistics and analysis.In addition, students will learn about the admin process for managing orders, implementing categories and product management, and order management system. Throughout the course, students will work on real-world projects to gain hands-on experience and develop a strong foundation for building and maintaining APIs.The course also covers best practices for building APIs, including security, performance, and scalability. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of building, testing, and deploying APIs, as well as the skills to take on their next project.This course is ideal for developers who want to learn about building and deploying APIs, students who are new to web development and want to learn about building and deploying APIs, developers who want to learn about integrating Stripe for payment processing, engineers who are interested in learning about building e-commerce systems, and individuals who want to learn about building and deploying a full-featured API.Throughout the course, our experienced instructors will provide guidance and support to students. Active participation in class discussions, asking questions, and sharing knowledge with fellow students is encouraged. The MERN Stack Ecommerce course is designed to provide a strong foundation for building APIs and is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about back-end web development.

คอร์สนี้เหมาะกับใคร (Who this course is for) :

  • Developers who want to learn and master MERN Stack Development
  • Developers willing to build complete E-Commerce Project

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :


Lecture 1 Customers Functionalities Demo

Lecture 2 Admin Functionalities Demo


Lecture 4 Installing Starter Template

Lecture 5 Install TailwindCSS

Lecture 6 Project Structure Walkthrough

Lecture 7 Redux Toolkit Installations


Lecture 8 Users Initial State

Lecture 9 Login Action

Lecture 10 Users Slices

Lecture 11 Connect To Redux Store

Lecture 12 Dispatch Action To Login

Lecture 13 Cors Error Fixed

Lecture 14 Customise VSCODE OPTIONAL

Lecture 15 Redirect After Login

Lecture 16 Display Error And Loading After Login

Lecture 17 Displaying Error and Success Using SweetAlert

Lecture 18 Display Error Message When Login

Lecture 19 Save Token Into LocalStorage

Lecture 20 Walking Through The Navbar Component

Lecture 21 Public And Private Links

Lecture 22 Protecting Routes

Lecture 23 Admin Routes

Lecture 24 User Registration

Lecture 25 Loading Component

Lecture 26 User Registration Loading And Error Displaying

Lecture 27 Reset Error And Success Actions


Lecture 28 Overview Of Admin Dashboard

Lecture 29 Create Product Action

Lecture 30 Create Product Slice

Lecture 31 Persist Login User Into Redux Store

Lecture 32 Pass Token To Product Action

Lecture 33 Dispatch Action To Create Product

Lecture 34 Product Sizes Select Component

Lecture 35 Categories Action

Lecture 36 Display Categories Inside Select Input

Lecture 37 Fetch All Products Brands

Lecture 38 Getting Products Colors Into Form Input


Lecture 39 Product Images Upload

Lecture 40 Sending Product Data To Product Action

Lecture 41 Product Creation Error Fixed

Lecture 42 Display Loading, Error For Product Creation

Lecture 43 Image Validation

Lecture 44 Fetch All Products Action

Lecture 45 Display All Products

Lecture 46 Adding New Products

Lecture 47 Display Product Details


Lecture 48 Modified Create Category Action

Lecture 49 Modified Add Category Form

Lecture 50 Dispatch Action To Create Category

Lecture 51 Displaying Category Loading & Error

Lecture 52 Fixed Category Creation Error

Lecture 53 Fetching All Categories

Lecture 54 Using Categories As Navbar Links

Lecture 55 Displaying Home Categories

Lecture 56 Display All Categories


Lecture 57 Product Filtering Component Walkthrough

Lecture 58 Products Filtering Part 1

Lecture 59 Products Filtering Part 2

Lecture 60 Display All Products Without Filtering

Lecture 61 Filer Products By Category

Lecture 62 Filter Products By Brand

Lecture 63 Filter Products By Price and Size

Lecture 64 Filter Products By Price and Size

Lecture 65 Display Products Loading & Error

Lecture 66 Create Product Brands

Lecture 67 Create Product Brands


Lecture 68 Order Placement Process And API Modification

Lecture 69 Add To Cart Action

Lecture 70 Add Product To Cart

Lecture 71 Adding Product To Cart With Colour and Size

Lecture 72 Cart Order Size and Colour Validation

Lecture 73 Get Cart Items From LocalStorage

Lecture 74 Avoid Duplication Of Products In Cart

Lecture 75 Displaying All Cart Items

Lecture 76 Shopping Cart Walkthrough

Lecture 77 Changing Order Qty Part 1

Lecture 78 Changing Order Qty Part 2

Lecture 79 Cart Product Price Fixed

Lecture 80 Updating Product When Quantities Changes

Lecture 81 Removing Product From Cart

Lecture 82 Fixed Product White Screen and total Price Added to LocalStorage

Lecture 83 Calculate Total Order Summary

Lecture 84 Dynamically Display Products Qunatities


Lecture 85 Create And Fetch All Coupons Actions

Lecture 86 Coupon API Modified

Lecture 87 Fetch Single Coupon Action

Lecture 88 Apply Coupon

Lecture 89 Display Coupon Error, Success & Loading

Lecture 90 Apply Coupon To Order Summary

Lecture 91 Reset Coupon Form


Lecture 92 Order Payment Component Walkthrough

Lecture 93 Checkout Order Summary

Lecture 94 Update Shipping Address Action

Lecture 95 Dispatch Action To Update User Shipping Address

Lecture 96 Display Update Shipping Address Loading & Error

Lecture 97 User Profile Action

Lecture 98 Displaying Shipping Address

Lecture 99 Fixed Shipping Address Bug

Lecture 100 Creating Of Orders Action

Lecture 101 Dispatch Order Placement Action

Lecture 102 Fixed Order Placement

Lecture 103 Display Loading When Placing Orders

Lecture 104 Show Number Of Cart Items and Empty Order After Placement

Lecture 105 Disable Order Button If Out Od Stock


Lecture 106 Product Review Component Walkthrough

Lecture 107 Product Review Action

Lecture 108 Dispatch Action To Review Product

Lecture 109 Add Review to a Product

Lecture 110 Modified Author Of Review API


Lecture 111 Customer Profile Component Walkthrough

Lecture 112 Fetch Customer Profile

Lecture 113 Admin Fetching All Products

Lecture 114 Display In Stock And Out Of Stock

Lecture 115 Update Product Component

Lecture 116 Modified Update Product form

Lecture 117 Update Product Action

Lecture 118 Update Product

Lecture 119 Product Update Error Fixed

Lecture 120 Display All Oders

Lecture 121 Order Statistics Action

Lecture 122 Displaying Order Statistics

Lecture 123 Update Order Status Form

Lecture 124 Update Order To Shipped

Lecture 125 Redirect After Update Order Status

Lecture 126 Displaying All Customers

Lecture 127 Remove Duplications Of Customers


Lecture 128 Dispatch Action To Create Coupon

Lecture 129 Display All Coupons

Lecture 130 Update Coupon

Lecture 131 Delete Coupon


Lecture 132 Fetch All Categories

Lecture 133 Fetch All Colors And Brands Categories

Lecture 134 Navbar Improvement

Lecture 135 Logout User

Lecture 136 Logout Error Fixed

Lecture 137 Redirect After Login

Lecture 138 Protecting Private Components

Lecture 139 Show Coupon On Navbar

Lecture 140 Avoid Annoying Popups

Lecture 141 Modify Admin Dashboard CSS -OPTIONAL

Lecture 142 Display Coupon Days Left

Lecture 143 Hide Public Links When User Login

Lecture 144 Fixed Redirect After Register

Lecture 145 Send Only Token To Client

Lecture 146 Reload After Registration & Login

Lecture 147 Show Go To Admin Dashboard Link

Lecture 148 Why Oder Payment Status Is Not Updated

Section 15: DEPLOYMENT

Lecture 149 Preparing For Deployment

Lecture 150 Deploy To Netlify

Lecture 151 Fixed Netlify Error

Developers who want to learn and master MERN Stack Development,Developers willing to build complete E-Commerce Project

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MERN Stack Ecommerce Project Part 2 Frontend Only


Basics of react is (Required)
Basics of react redux (Required)
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