Mastering Microsoft Power Apps 2023: From Zero To Hero

Mastering Microsoft Power Apps 2023: From Zero To Hero


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Published 5/2023
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Unlock the Power of Low-Code with Power Apps: Drive Efficiency, Enhance Collaboration, and Master M365 Connectivity

What you’ll learn
how to create apps
how to maintain apps
how to publish apps
different data sources
powerapps and power automate integration

No coding experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know in this course!

Start Your Journey with Power Apps: Welcome to “Mastering Microsoft Power Apps: From Zero to Hero”, a comprehensive online course expertly crafted to guide you on a transformative journey from a novice to a seasoned professional in Microsoft Power Apps. This course, developed and delivered by a seasoned Power Apps expert, is perfect for IT professionals, business analysts, data enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to leverage the Power Apps platform effectively.Structured Learning Experience: My course is thoughtfully structured and includes practical hands-on projects, challenges, and real-world case studies, ensuring the immediate applicability of your learning. Starting with the basics, you will gain familiarity with:Power Apps dashboard, controls, forms, data sources, connectorsUse and application of collections and variablesApp design optimizationMonitoring and maintenance techniquesPower Apps componentsEnvironments, Solutions, Export, Dataverse, and Model Driven AppsImmerse Yourself in Real-life Projects: Apply your new skills in practical, real-life projects like the ‘Expense Tracker’ and ‘Absence Manager’. One of the project videos showcases how to utilize AI in creating an app design, offering you cutting-edge skills that set you apart in the tech industry. These projects have been designed with an emphasis on understanding the ‘why’ behind each step, enabling you to replicate similar success in your future endeavors.Master the Art of App Design: The course goes beyond just creating apps. It also covers important aspects like responsive design, accessibility features, themes, screen templates, and app integration, empowering you to develop professional and user-friendly applications.Become an Empowered App Creator: Upon course completion, you will have a solid foundation in Microsoft Power Apps. You’ll be empowered to create customized apps that connect your team and business, automate workflows, and transform your organization’s processes.Who this course is for: IT Professionals: If you are working in the IT sector and looking to expand your skill set with Power Apps, this course provides hands-on projects, comprehensive explanations, and practical techniques to help you achieve mastery.Business Analysts: For business analysts, understanding Power Apps can help in developing efficient applications to streamline data analysis, enhancing decision-making capabilities. This course guides you through the process of creating intuitive apps for business use.Data Enthusiasts: For those who love working with data and want to explore the power of Power Apps to leverage data effectively, this course can be a game-changer.Beginners in App Development: If you’re new to the world of app development and are intrigued by Microsoft Power Apps, this course is a great starting point. You’ll learn the basics and gradually move on to more advanced topics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the platform.Non-technical Professionals: Even if you are a non-technical professional who wants to understand Power Apps to communicate better with your tech teams or to create your own simple apps, this course will enable you to do so.No matter your background, if you’re interested in learning how to create efficient, data-driven applications using Microsoft Power Apps, this course is for you. Enroll in “Mastering Microsoft Power Apps: From Zero to Hero” today, unlock the power of your organization’s data, streamline operations, and drive innovation. Your journey to becoming a Power Apps expert begins here. Empower yourself and your organization, one app at a time!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Structure and Projects

Lecture 2 Your Instructor And How To Reach Out

Lecture 3 Watch Before You Start

Lecture 4 Why Learn Power Apps

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 5 Power Apps License Requirements

Lecture 6 How to Create a Power Apps Account

Lecture 7 Overview of the Power Apps Dashboard

Lecture 8 Start from Template vs Start from Blank

Lecture 9 Canvas vs. Model Driven vs. Portal Apps

Lecture 10 Create Your First App

Section 3: Controls and Forms

Lecture 11 Overview of Most Common Controls

Lecture 12 Introduction to Functions & Formulas

Lecture 13 SharePoint List and Publishing

Lecture 14 Challenge: Contact Me App

Section 4: Data Sources and Connectors

Lecture 15 Overview of Connectors and Connections

Lecture 16 Common Data Sources

Lecture 17 Forms

Lecture 18 Galleries

Lecture 19 Search Functionalities

Lecture 20 Delegation

Lecture 21 Screens and How to Navigate

Lecture 22 Patching the Custom Form

Lecture 23 Challenge: Flashcards

Section 5: Collections and Variables

Lecture 24 Introduction to Variables

Lecture 25 Working with Global Variables

Lecture 26 Working with Context Variables

Lecture 27 Introduction to Collections

Lecture 28 Working with Collections

Lecture 29 Challenge: Gallery with Collection to Navigate Between Screens

Section 6: Real World Project: Expense Tracker App

Lecture 30 Read Before You Start

Lecture 31 Finding a Design & Creating the App

Lecture 32 Setting Up Our Colors – Part 1

Lecture 33 App Parameters

Lecture 34 Setting Up Our Colors – Part 2

Lecture 35 Creating Basic Design Structure

Lecture 36 Setting Up Navigation

Lecture 37 Creating DB Model

Lecture 38 Creating Forms for Data Entry

Lecture 39 Submit Data

Lecture 40 Linking Screens

Lecture 41 Adding List of Expenses

Lecture 42 Adding Expenses Overview Screen

Lecture 43 Charts

Lecture 44 Cleanup

Lecture 45 Loading Screen Design

Section 7: Designing and Optimizing Your App

Lecture 46 Overview of Responsive Design

Lecture 47 Responsive Design with Containers

Lecture 48 Explanation of Pop-Ups and Accessibility Features

Lecture 49 Themes and Screen Templates

Lecture 50 App Integration

Lecture 51 Challenge: Create Responsive App

Section 8: Monitoring and Maintenance

Lecture 52 Monitoring Your App

Lecture 53 Test Cases

Lecture 54 App Performance

Section 9: Components

Lecture 55 Introduction to Components

Lecture 56 Create a Component

Lecture 57 Deep Dive Into Components

Lecture 58 Output Properties

Lecture 59 Component Libraries

Lecture 60 Community Components

Lecture 61 Power Apps Creator Kit

Lecture 62 Challenge: Multi-Step Form

Section 10: Real World Project: Absence Manager App

Lecture 63 Read Before You Start

Lecture 64 App Setup and Create Design with AI

Lecture 65 Create Data Structure

Lecture 66 Navigation

Lecture 67 Home Screen

Lecture 68 Request Absence Part 1

Lecture 69 Request Absence Part 2

Lecture 70 Approve Requests

Lecture 71 Power Automate Approvals

Lecture 72 Improvements Home Part 1

Lecture 73 Improvements Home Part 2

Lecture 74 Other Improvements

Section 11: Environments, Solutions and Export

Lecture 75 Introduction to Environments, Solutions & Environment Variables

Lecture 76 Solutions

Lecture 77 Environment Variables & Deployments

Section 12: The End

Lecture 78 Where to Go From Here

Business users: Streamline processes and improve collaboration without coding.,IT professionals: Develop, manage, and maintain secure custom applications.,Developers: Quickly create prototypes and low-code applications.,Small and medium-sized businesses: Minimize app development costs and time-to-market.,Enterprises: Seamlessly integrate custom apps within the Microsoft ecosystem.,Educators and students: Enhance career prospects and explore technology through app development.


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Mastering Microsoft Power Apps 2023: From Zero To Hero


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