Make Realistic 3D Materials in Blender for Beginners

Make Realistic 3D Materials in Blender for Beginners


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Published 5/2023
Created by Nicholas Peña
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 25 Lectures ( 2h 40m ) | Size: 2.4 GB

The simple and fast method to create ultra-realistic materials in Blender when you’re a beginner

What you’ll learn
The 2 main ways to create realistic materials in Blender and which one should you use
How to personalized simple image textures to make your own
2 softwares to create unlimited textures from scratch
What are PBR textures and how to use them
Where to download thousands of high quality free textures
What quality and format should you download based on your Blender scenes
How to import textures in Blender
What are shader nodes and how to use them
2 ways to create nodes in Blender and I tell you the one I prefer
Why you shouldn’t use the Shading tab when you create materials
How many nodes should you use for your materials and which one to use
How to instantly recognize the different textures maps if the name types are not written
How to connect PBR textures to your materials
The fastest method to apply all textures nodes and settings (1 click)
What is mapping and why is it important
How to apply the same material to all your different meshes with just one simple hotkey
Why is your Blender interface too slow and how to solve this problem
Why you should always delete materials in your project and where to find them if you don’t see them
How to duplicate materials and create new versions
How to have several materials on only one mesh
Why is the scale of your object important and how to change it without changing the actual dimensions
How to make your textures smaller or bigger on your object
What is UV unwrapping, when to use it and why
How to unwrap UVs the traditional way
How to unwrap UVs faster with Blender smart tools (2 clicks)
How to edit UVs and why
The simple technique to immediately see if your texture is deformed
How to move and scale your textures to make the patterns match your object
One powerful free add-on to automatically aligned your UV maps to the texture
Three details to add to make your objects look even more realistic
How to create surface imperfections and scratches on your objects
The best free add-on to use to create realistic personalized imperfection details on your objects
One important material setting to change to not have your objects completely deformed after rendering
How to create fake bevels on your objects to add realism to your renders
What is a render engine and which one to chose for realistic renders
The perfect render settings to get high quality renders and highlight your materials
The most important part to make powerful realistic renders (often forgotten)
How to avoid making objects look flat on renders
The cinematic method to light your scene and get incredible renders
How to get natural lights for your scene and highlight the materials of your objects
The thought process behind every realistic render (do not skip this step!)
2 camera settings to change to get perfect realistic images
Post rendering edits : Make your image or video look even better with these simple steps!
How to make your own material library directly in Blender
How to drag and drop unlimited materials on every 3D objects

Have a computer less than 10 years old
Have Blender installed on your computer
Know the basics of Blender (navigate, move, add mesh…)

How to make realistic materials in Blender as a beginner.I know it can be very difficult to do when you are just starting to learn how to use Blender.You have to assimilate a lot of new knowledge and it can sometimes feel overwhelming.Maybe you watched some tutorials on YouTubeBut you didn’t understand a lot…Your materials look flat and ugly.You are starting to feel stuck and don’t really know what to do to improve this area of 3D.Creating realistic materials is a slow process when you are a beginner.You try things and realize it’s not working,So you try something else and have to unlearn what you already learned… It can take months just to understand how to create materials that look right for your renders.I think this is the most difficult part of 3D because there are too many concepts and settings to understand and to use : nodes, UVs, unwrapping, textures, normal maps, bumps, mapping, roughness… This looks very obscure for a beginner and can be scary!What beginners really need is just a simple and quick way to understand the process behind realistic materials : How to make themHow to apply them on your 3D objectsHow to render your scene without decreasing the quality of your materials.A fast step by step method that you can replicate for your own projects without losing your mind!This course will teach you all of this and you can apply it right now.It is not intended to teach you all of the advanced knowledge, it is just a course for beginners who simply want to understand how to make realistic materials the easy way!You’ll be able to make your renders look very realistic.Create materials for your objects without worrying about how to apply them or what to do if they look deformed.You’ll have an easy and effective workflow to texture all of your projects in minutes.This will help you finish more projects, and improve fast!You’ll be able to understand the mechanism used to have realistic textures for your renders.It will no more be an obscure and difficult skill to apprehend, but will become an easy and quick part of your 3D workflow.You’ll just relax and enjoy the process, no worries, have fun while creating beautiful realistic materials for your projects!You can learn everything you need to know and apply the steps right now, or you can continue trying to understand what this is all about and how to make it work for you by following random tutorials with confusing explanations.Is this course made for total beginners?Yes, even if you never created any materials in Blender this course is for you you’ll learn everything you need to know! And if you already know the basics of texturing, it will give you steps to improve your existing knowledge with incredible free add-ons, easy personalization techniques and fast UV unwrapping step by step methods.Is this course really going to help you?If you are having trouble understanding how texturing works and all of the techniques related to it, this course will teach you with very simple words and easy to follow steps how to have realistic materials for your Blender scenesDo you need to buy textures or add-ons to follow the course?No, you don’t need anything more than a computer with an internet access and Blender installed.With the course, you’ll also receive a video teaching you how to make a material library in Blender to drag and drop your materials directly on your object + a powerful add-on to get free material libraries in Blender + the mindmap of the course to not forget anything.And, it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.See you in the course,Nicholas

Who this course is for
Beginners who want to learn how to make realistic materials in Blender



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Make Realistic 3D Materials in Blender for Beginners


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