iPhone Filmmaker Masterclass

iPhone Filmmaker Masterclass


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Published 10/2023
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A Beginners to Advance Masterclass

What you’ll learn
Fundamentals Of Videography
How The iPhone Camera Works
Best Video Settings
Video Composition and Framing
Blackmagic Cam App
CapCut, VN App and DaVinci Resolve In-Depth Tutorial

No videography knowledge needed

Welcome to the iPhone Filmmaker Masterclass, which will take you from not knowing anything about videography to filming professional cinematic videos in just a few days.What Will You Learn?Fundamentals of videography will help you understand how the iPhone camera works and what the limitations and possibilities of these cameras are.How to get the best video output from your iPhone, whether from the built-in camera app or a third-party video recording app. Thanks to the various examples I will give in this masterclass, you will know exactly what setting to film in different scenarios to get the desired look!Along with the fundamentals of videography, you will be given tutorials about how to frame the subjects, different camera movements, and accessible video composition techniques, which separates a beginner from a professional!You will receive a comprehensive tutorial on video editing software like CapCut and DaVinci Resolve, among the best and most widely used smartphone and computer video editing applications in the industry.Who is this class for?This course is designed specifically for beginners and is structured in an entirely understandable manner for those without prior knowledge of videography. I’ve incorporated numerous examples to clarify all the fundamental concepts. Additionally, ample practice exercises will allow you to independently apply what you’ve learned.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Class Project

Section 2: The Basics Of Videography

Lecture 3 Basic Camera Settings

Lecture 4 Frame Rates Per Second

Lecture 5 Shutter Speed

Lecture 6 ISO

Lecture 7 Aperture

Lecture 8 White Balance

Lecture 9 Video Resolution

Section 3: iPhone Camera Settings

Lecture 10 Best Video Setting

Lecture 11 iPhone’s Camera’s Explained

Lecture 12 Cinematic Mode Mastery

Lecture 13 Practice Exercise

Section 4: Audio Recording

Lecture 14 Record Best Audio On iPhone

Lecture 15 Tips For Better Audio Recording

Section 5: Blackmagic Cam App – Free Video Recording App

Lecture 16 Blackmagic Cam App Masterclass

Section 6: iPhone Filters

Lecture 17 ND Filters

Section 7: Real World Examples

Lecture 18 Filming Indoors Part 1

Lecture 19 Filming Indoors Part 2

Lecture 20 Filming Indoors Part 3

Lecture 21 Filming Outdoors Part 1

Lecture 22 Filming Outdoors Part 2

Lecture 23 Filming Outdoors Part 3

Section 8: Composition And Framing

Lecture 24 Introduction

Lecture 25 Rule Of Thirds

Lecture 26 Leading Lines

Lecture 27 Wide Shot

Lecture 28 Medium Shot

Lecture 29 Close Up Shot

Lecture 30 Practice Exercise

Section 9: Camera Movements

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 Pan

Lecture 33 Tilt

Lecture 34 Push In

Lecture 35 Push Out

Lecture 36 Push In Tilt Up

Lecture 37 Push In Tilt Down

Lecture 38 Parallax

Lecture 39 Slider Shot

Lecture 40 Few Extra Tips

Lecture 41 Practice Exercise

Section 10: Filming A Cinematic Video

Lecture 42 Behind The Scenes – Part 1

Lecture 43 Final Video Part 1

Section 11: Editing On iPhone

Lecture 44 CapCut Masterclass

Lecture 45 Editing With LUTs in VN App

Section 12: DaVinci Resolve Masterclass

Lecture 46 Introduction

Lecture 47 Project Settings

Lecture 48 Overview Of DaVinci Resolve

Lecture 49 Importing Clips

Lecture 50 Cut, Trim & Ad Music

Lecture 51 Transitions And Animations

Lecture 52 Advance Editing Tools

Lecture 53 Fusion Tab

Lecture 54 Colorgrading Tab

Lecture 55 Fairlight Tab

Lecture 56 Export Tab

Section 13: Conclusion

Lecture 57 Final Chapter

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iPhone Filmmaker Masterclass


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