How To Make Your First Game With Blender And Unreal Engine 5

How To Make Your First Game With Blender And Unreal Engine 5


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Published 5/2023
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Make your first game from scratch with Unreal Engine 5 and Blender!

What you’ll learn
Using Blueprints to make game mechanics
Creating Game art with Blender and Exporting to unreal engine
Making your own game environment
Creating your own game character and enemies
Common Blueprint Practices
Making complex HUDs with widgets
Creating Dynamic adjustable materials
Develop Strong problem solving skills
Create a fully playable game from start to finish

Basic Navigation in Blender and Unreal engine

The unreal engine project file and exported game is included in the first videoIntroductionGame development is a fun and creative profession but it can be quite hard to learn especially if you want to do it alone in the indie space. That’s where I come in, in this course, not only will I teach you how to make a game with unreal engine blueprints from start to finish but instead of asset flipping or using premade assets you will also learn how to create your own characters and environment using the free software blender! We will start from a blank template and work towards making a 10 minute survival game with Zelda like aesthetics. What you will Learn In Unreal EngineCreating Blueprints for game mechanics and controllersLearn to communicate between different blueprintsDynamic and Modular MaterialsMaking Complex interactive widgetsCreating a Main and Pause MenuMaking various common game and RPG mechanicsIn Blender3D Modeling in BlenderUV MappingTexturing Game AssetsBaking and exporting Game Ready textures to Unreal from BlenderExporting Meshes to UnrealCreating Props, Environments and CharactersWho is Course for?Beginners and Intermediate users who want to streamline Blender and Unreal for their Game dev workflowPeople who want to know the full pipeline of making a game from scratch

Section 1: Game Showcase

Lecture 1 CompletedGameShowcase

Section 2: Creating the Game ( Project Files included )

Lecture 2 Downloading unreal and level setup

Lecture 3 Creating a Blueprint Actor and Intro to nodes

Lecture 4 Modeling your first game asset : A Coin

Lecture 5 UV Mapping and Game Texturing

Lecture 6 Creating your first Character Controller

Lecture 7 Introduction to Variables and the branch node

Lecture 8 Timelines, Functions and Events

Lecture 9 Creating Children Blueprints

Lecture 10 Creating a Crosshair Mesh and Material

Lecture 11 Creating the Mouse controller for Crosshair

Lecture 12 Creating a basic enemy AI to follow Player

Lecture 13 Creating a Player Widget Health bar and taking damage

Lecture 14 Projectiles and creating Timers by Function names

Lecture 15 Damaging Enemies and enemy Health bars

Lecture 16 Material Animations for damaged enemies and playing sounds

Lecture 17 Creating enemy Widget animations and Damage Numbers

Lecture 18 Create our own tiling textures and landscape

Lecture 19 Creating foliage grass

Lecture 20 Using Quixel Megascans

Lecture 21 Creating light Functions and Hanging particles

Lecture 22 Slime Texturing

Lecture 23 Modeling Slime Variations

Lecture 24 Modeling the character

Lecture 25 Modeling the staff and UV mapping the character

Lecture 26 UV Mapping and Baking Bevels

Lecture 27 Texturing our character

Lecture 28 Rigging, Posing and Cloth Simulation

Lecture 29 Creating the Fireball VFX

Lecture 30 Enemy Loot, Basic Level up system

Lecture 31 Designing our levelup HUD

Lecture 32 Bringing up and Removing HUD for level up

Lecture 33 Spell Level up system

Lecture 34 Creating the Slime Spawner

Lecture 35 Creating Widgets for Kill Count, Level and Timer Display

Lecture 36 Creating the Game timer

Lecture 37 Creating the Skill Level Indicator Widget

Lecture 38 Creating the Fire Spell level up system

Lecture 39 Creating the Ice Spell Levelup System

Lecture 40 Creating the Orb Spell Leveling System

Lecture 41 Creating the Wind Spell and Leveling System

Lecture 42 Spawning different enemy types

Lecture 43 Player Death and Screen

Lecture 44 Winning the game

Lecture 45 Post process volumes.mp4

Lecture 46 Pause Menu

Lecture 47 Main menu

Lecture 48 Balancing the Game

Lecture 49 Creating health pickup

Lecture 50 Adding Sounds and Creating a volume slider

Lecture 51 Conclusion

For beginner or intermediate game developers looking to improve their skills



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How To Make Your First Game With Blender And Unreal Engine 5


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