Fusion 360 Mastery | Certificate Preparation Course

Fusion 360 Mastery | Certificate Preparation Course


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Published 8/2023
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Mastering Fusion 360: From Fundamentals to Advanced | Fusion Associate Exam Preparation

What you’ll learn
Basics of fusion 360
CAD designing in fusion 360
Certification preparation for fusion 360 exam
Complex Opeation In Fusion 360

Basic Understanding of CAD and basic 3D

Are you aspiring to become an Autodesk Certified Associate in CAD for Mechanical Design? Look no further! This comprehensive course is specifically designed to prepare you for the Autodesk Certified Associate (ACA) exam, focusing on CAD for Mechanical Design.In this course, you will embark on a guided journey to master Autodesk CAD software, a powerful tool used in the mechanical design industry. Whether you’re a beginner or have some prior experience with CAD software, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the ACA exam and beyond.Starting with the fundamentals, you will learn the ins and outs of CAD software, including essential concepts, techniques, and best practices for mechanical design. Each module is carefully crafted to cover the exam objectives and provides you with hands-on practice exercises to reinforce your learning.Our experienced instructor will guide you through step-by-step demonstrations, real-world examples, and industry-specific workflows to ensure you understand not only the software but also its application in mechanical design scenarios. You’ll gain proficiency in creating precise 2D and 3D mechanical designs, dimensioning and annotating drawings, generating technical documentation, and collaborating with others.But this course is not just about passing the ACA exam. It’s about developing a solid foundation in CAD for Mechanical Design that will empower you to tackle real-world design challenges with confidence. By the end of this course, you’ll be well-prepared to take the Autodesk Certified Associate exam and showcase your expertise to potential employers or clients.Enroll now and join our community of aspiring CAD professionals. Let’s embark on this learning journey together and unlock your potential in the field of CAD for Mechanical Design!Remember to customize the description to reflect the specific details and unique selling points of your course.

Section 1: section 0

Lecture 1 0.1 – Introduction

Lecture 2 0.2 – Get Fusion 360

Lecture 3 0.3- Fusion 360 Interface

Lecture 4 0.4- Upload/export

Lecture 5 0.5 – Keyboard and Mouse use

Lecture 6 0.6- Discord and communication

Section 2: Basic Sketching and all

Lecture 7 1.1 Sketching

Lecture 8 1.2 Dimenshions

Lecture 9 1.3 Modify Sketch

Lecture 10 1.4 Constraints

Lecture 11 1.5 Project Geometry

Lecture 12 1.6 Extra Pointers

Section 3: Basic 3D Modeling Tools

Lecture 13 2.1 Extrude

Lecture 14 2.2 Fillet & chamfer

Lecture 15 2.3 construct

Lecture 16 2.4 Create Holes

Lecture 17 2.6 Pattern

Lecture 18 2.7 Shell

Lecture 19 2.5 Revolve

Lecture 20 2.8 Delet Feature

Lecture 21 2.9 Press Pull (Direct Modeling)

Lecture 22 2.10 Sweep & Loft Tool

Lecture 23 2.11 Inspect, Measure & Section Analyse

Lecture 24 2.12 Split and Combine ( Body, Face )

Section 4: Free Form Tool

Lecture 25 3.1 Create Form

Lecture 26 3.2a Edit Form

Lecture 27 3.2b Edit Form

Section 5: Assembly and Joints

Lecture 28 4.1 Top Down Assemble, Body & Components

Lecture 29 4.2a Align, joint, rigid

Lecture 30 4.2b Align, joint, rigid

Lecture 31 4.3 Motion Link

Lecture 32 4.4 Interferance

Section 6: 2D Drawing

Lecture 33 5.1a Making of Drawing

Lecture 34 5.1b Making Of Drawing

Lecture 35 5.2 Editing View

Lecture 36 5.3 Modifing Drawing Title

Lecture 37 5.4 Concluding Video

Section 7: Extra Section

Lecture 38 info

Individuals intrested in Taking the certification test for Fusion 360 Associate user,mechanical Engineers, Robotic engineers, mechatronics engineers, enginering students,,Hoobiest CAD designers who want to learn Fusion 360 or inventor software,Engineers who want to gain new skill in fusion 360,Individual who want to appear for autodesk associate in CAD for mechanical design exam and get certified


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Fusion 360 Mastery | Certificate Preparation Course


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