Eplan P8 2.7 Basics with Electrical Board Basics

Eplan P8 2.7 Basics with Electrical Board Basics


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Learn Eplan P8 2.7 and Create and Design Electrical Schemes for Electrical Boards Professionally

สิ่งที่คุณจะได้เรียนรู้ (What you’ll learn) :

  • Eplan P8 2.7 Basics
  • Electrical Drawing Basics
  • Eplan Software
  • Electrical Board Basics
  • Electrical Board Equipments
  • Eplan Macros
  • 2D Panel

ข้อกำหนด (Requirements) :

  • This course does not require any prior knowledge.

คำอธิบาย (Description) :
Dear Students ,Welcome to our 8th course that we have published as the Derstagram Academy Family.After plc programming , scada & C# , arduino and industrial automation courses , we knew that we need an electrical scheme software course.As you know that , Eplan Electric Software is powerful , professional and also leader software about Electrical Scheme Drawing.In this course, we want to give basic details to complete electrical scheme easily.Short definitions and easy to learn explanations are going to help you to understand how to use this software.At the end of this course , you are going to access eplan project examples.Than you can check and also analyze this examples and you can improve yourself with this projects also.Shortly, At the end of this course ;You are going to learn ,- Basic industrial automation components- Electrical Board Design Basics- Eplan P8 2.7 Electric Software- Electrical Scheme Drawing- Electrical Scheme BasicsIf you want to start electrical scheme drawing today and as soon as possible , you are all welcome to course.If you need an extra topic or question , you can contact with me directly with messages.And also , if you need an extra software like cofaso , see electrical etc. , we can support this course with another softwares.For us , main goal that you are all need to learn electrical drawing basics at the end of this course.Another details can be handled with time.Best RegardsMustafa

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :

Section 1: Download Software

Lecture 1 Download Eplan Software

Lecture 2 How to Install Eplan ?

Lecture 3 Eplan Device Import Problem Solution

Section 2: Electrical Board Equipments Basics

Lecture 4 AC vs DC

Lecture 5 Circuit Breaker and Button Basics

Lecture 6 Contactor Basics

Lecture 7 Motor Protection Switches Basics

Lecture 8 Power Supply Basics

Lecture 9 Limit Switches

Lecture 10 Inductive Sensor Basics

Lecture 11 Relays

Section 3: Introduction to Eplan Basics

Lecture 12 First Project + Power Lines L1-L2-L3-N-PE

Lecture 13 How to Add Circuit Breaker ?

Lecture 14 How to Add Power Supply ?

Lecture 15 How to Add Fuse ?

Lecture 16 How to Add Motor Protection Switch ?

Lecture 17 How to Add Relay ?

Lecture 18 How to Add Contactor ?

Lecture 19 How to Add 3 Phase Motor ?

Section 4: Eplan Advanced

Lecture 20 How to Change Project Name ?

Lecture 21 How to Add Plc Macro ?

Lecture 22 How to Add Drive Macro ?

Lecture 23 How to Import and Add other Macros ?

Lecture 24 How to Create your Own Macro ?

Lecture 25 How to Add Sensor and Button ?

Lecture 26 How to Cable Definition ?

Lecture 27 How to Add Connection Terminal ?

Lecture 28 How to insert a Text ?

Lecture 29 How to Add Text as Parameter and Definitions ?

Lecture 30 How to Insert Image ?

Lecture 31 How to Create Cover Page ?

Lecture 32 How to Define User Data and How to Create a Special Cover Page ?

Lecture 33 Plot Frames – Create Your Own Plot Frame

Lecture 34 How to Change Background color and Grid Size Distances ?

Lecture 35 How to Export Project as Pdf ?

Lecture 36 How to Synchronize Project Data to System Data ?

Lecture 37 How to Create a Panel View of Macros – Panel Layout

Lecture 38 How to Import/Export Parts ?

Lecture 39 How to Add Electrical Board Lamp / Lamp and Another Motor Type ?

Lecture 40 How to Add/Change Potential Connection Point/Busbar Connection / Cable Colors

Lecture 41 How to Adapt Numbering Format Settings ?

Lecture 42 How to Add Black Box ?

Lecture 43 How to Create a Mounting Panel ?

Lecture 44 How to Create an Enclosure Legend in Eplan ?

Lecture 45 Autocad File import to Eplan

Lecture 46 Eplan Real Project Example

Section 5: Downloads

Lecture 47 Danfoss Macros

Lecture 48 Festo Macros Project

Lecture 49 GMT Plc Macros

Lecture 50 Lenze Macros

Lecture 51 General Macros

Lecture 52 Siemens Macros

Lecture 53 Delta Macros – (Derstagram Akademi Archive- Updating)

Lecture 54 Delta Complete VFD Macros Download

Lecture 55 Delta Complete Servo Macros Download

Lecture 56 Delta Complete Plc Macros Download

Lecture 57 Delta Complete Pcd Macros Download

Lecture 58 Delta Complete HMI Macros Download

Lecture 59 Project Example

Anyone who wants to create powerful electrical schemes,Anyone who wants to learn Eplan P8 Software professionally,Anyone who wants to prepare schemes for industrial automation projects and electrical boards

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