Create Iconic Characters With Blender!

Create Iconic Characters With Blender!


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Published 10/2023
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Learn How to Model Captivating Characters in 3D with Blender!

What you’ll learn
Know the Blender interface.
Learning to create and transform objects.
Polygonal modeling techniques and tools.
Character modeling techniques.
Creating materials for your character.
Learning to use the Rigify Addon to create a character’s body rig.
Using Drivers and Shape Keys to create a character’s facial rig.

Have basic knowledge of computer science.
Have a computer with internet access.
Have a computer that meets the basic requirements to run Blender. The prerequisites can be found on Blender’s own website.

Hello and welcome to the course Create Iconic Characters with Blender!In this engaging and focused course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the essential techniques and tools of polygonal modeling in Blender to create memorable 3D characters from scratch.This means you’ll be guided through Blender from the very beginning. In the first section, you’ll be introduced to the interface and learn to use the fundamental tools for navigation, creation, and transformation of objects. Additionally, you’ll be challenged to create a simple project of an animated robot to apply and solidify the knowledge gained.In the second part of the course, we’ll begin the 3D character modeling from scratch. You’ll learn how to set up references in the interface and model each part of the body. Furthermore, you’ll be introduced to a simple and effective approach to create different pieces of clothing for your model. Later on, we’ll delve into creating materials to add color and life to your creation.After completing the modeling of your character, you’ll learn to use the Rigify addon to create an animation skeleton for your character’s body. Additionally, we’ll explore the use of Shape Keys and Drivers to create controls for facial expressions. This will allow you to create customized poses and expressions, preparing your character for animation!If you’ve always dreamed of creating your own 3D character, don’t miss this opportunity and enroll now!

Section 1: Introdução

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Interface

Lecture 2 Navigating the 3D Environment

Lecture 3 Selecting and Transforming Objects

Lecture 4 Creating and Deleting Objects

Lecture 5 Modeling Part 1 – Selection

Lecture 6 Modeling Part 2 – Creating and Deleting Components

Lecture 7 Modeling Part 3 – Modeling Tools

Lecture 8 Copying Objects

Lecture 9 Applying the Scale

Lecture 10 Modeling Exercise

Lecture 11 Subdivision

Lecture 12 Smoothing

Section 2: Creating a Flying Robot

Lecture 13 Modeling the Head – Part 1

Lecture 14 Modeling the Head – Part 2

Lecture 15 Modeling the Body

Lecture 16 Modeling the Arm

Lecture 17 Modeling the Hand

Lecture 18 Modeling the Fingers

Lecture 19 Materials – Part 1

Lecture 20 Materials – Part 2

Lecture 21 Checking the Joints

Lecture 22 Parenting Objects

Lecture 23 Mirroring the Arm

Lecture 24 Introduction to Animation

Lecture 25 Animation 1

Lecture 26 Animation 2

Lecture 27 Lights and Render

Section 3: Modeling the Character

Lecture 28 Preparing the References

Lecture 29 Modeling the Head

Lecture 30 Modeling the Mouth

Lecture 31 Modeling the Face Features

Lecture 32 Modeling the Ear

Lecture 33 Modeling the Mouth Interior

Lecture 34 Modeling the Teeth

Lecture 35 Modeling the the Base of the Hair

Lecture 36 Modeling Hair Strands

Lecture 37 Modeling the Torso

Lecture 38 Modeling the Legs

Lecture 39 Modeling the Fingers

Lecture 40 Modeling the Hand – Part 1

Lecture 41 Modeling the Hand – Part 2

Lecture 42 Modeling the Hand – Part 3

Lecture 43 Modeling the Arm

Lecture 44 Modeling the Pants

Lecture 45 Modeling the Shoes

Lecture 46 Modeling the Shirt

Lecture 47 Fixing Symmetry Problems

Lecture 48 Fixing Modeling Problems

Lecture 49 Creating Clothing Materials

Lecture 50 Creating Character Materials

Section 4: Rigging the Body

Lecture 51 What is Rigging

Lecture 52 Vertex Groups

Lecture 53 Introduction to Armatures

Lecture 54 Weight Paint – Part 1

Lecture 55 Weight Paint – Part 2

Lecture 56 Introduction to the Rigify Addon

Lecture 57 Checklist for the Rig Creation

Lecture 58 Creating the Metarig

Lecture 59 Adjusting the Metarig Proportions – Part 1

Lecture 60 Adjusting the Metarig Proportions – Part 2

Lecture 61 Adjusting the Bone Rolls

Lecture 62 Generating the Final Rig

Lecture 63 Automatic Weights

Lecture 64 Using the Rigify Controls – Part 1

Lecture 65 Using the Rigify Controls – Part 2

Lecture 66 Using the Rigify Controls – Part 3

Lecture 67 Weight Paint Adjustments

Lecture 68 Parenting Objects to Bones

Lecture 69 Transfer Weights From Body to Clothes

Section 5: Rigging the Face

Lecture 70 Introduction to Shape Keys

Lecture 71 Drivers

Lecture 72 Creating Shape Keys – Part 1

Lecture 73 Creating Shape Keys – Part 2

Lecture 74 Adding Bones to the Facial Rig

Lecture 75 Using Custom Shapes

Lecture 76 Using Bone Constraints – Part 1

Lecture 77 Using Bone Constraints – Part 2

Lecture 78 Setting Up Drivers for the Facial Rig – Part 1

Lecture 79 Setting Up Drivers for the Facial Rig – Part 2

Lecture 80 Weight Painting the Face Elements

Section 6: Final Animation

Lecture 81 Creating a Simple Animation – Part 1

Lecture 82 Creating a Simple Animation – Part 2

Lecture 83 Rendering the Final Video

Designers,Ilustrators,Content Creators,Digital Artists


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Create Iconic Characters With Blender!


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