Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp 2023

Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp 2023


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Learn Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) and Python with Tensorflow, Pandas & more!

สิ่งที่คุณจะได้เรียนรู้ (What you’ll learn) :

Become a Data Scientist and get hired
Master Machine Learning and use it on the job
Deep Learning, Transfer Learning and Neural Networks using the latest Tensorflow 2.0
Use modern tools that big tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Meta use
Present Data Science projects to management and stakeholders
Learn which Machine Learning model to choose for each type of problem
Real life case studies and projects to understand how things are done in the real world
Learn best practices when it comes to Data Science Workflow
Implement Machine Learning algorithms
Learn how to program in Python using the latest Python 3
How to improve your Machine Learning Models
Learn to pre process data, clean data, and analyze large data.
Build a portfolio of work to have on your resume
Developer Environment setup for Data Science and Machine Learning
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Machine Learning on Time Series data
Explore large datasets using data visualization tools like Matplotlib and Seaborn
Explore large datasets and wrangle data using Pandas
Learn NumPy and how it is used in Machine Learning
A portfolio of Data Science and Machine Learning projects to apply for jobs in the industry with all code and notebooks provided
Learn to use the popular library Scikit-learn in your projects
Learn about Data Engineering and how tools like Hadoop, Spark and Kafka are used in the industry
Learn to perform Classification and Regression modelling
Learn how to apply Transfer Learning

ข้อกำหนด (Requirements) :

No prior experience is needed (not even Math and Statistics). We start from the very basics.
A computer (Linux/Windows/Mac) with internet connection.
Two paths for those that know programming and those that don’t.
All tools used in this course are free for you to use.

คำอธิบาย (Description) :

This is a top selling Machine Learning and Data Science course just updated this month with the latest trends and skills for 2023! Become a complete Data Scientist and Machine Learning engineer! Join a live online community of 900,000+ engineers and a course taught by industry experts that have actually worked for large companies in places like Silicon Valley and Toronto. Graduates of Andrei’s courses are now working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Meta, + other top tech companies. You will go from zero to mastery!

Learn Data Science and Machine Learning from scratch, get hired, and have fun along the way with the most modern, up-to-date Data Science course on Udemy (we use the latest version of Python, Tensorflow 2.0 and other libraries). This course is focused on efficiency: never spend time on confusing, out of date, incomplete Machine Learning tutorials anymore. We are pretty confident that this is the most comprehensive and modern course you will find on the subject anywhere (bold statement, we know).

This comprehensive and project based course will introduce you to all of the modern skills of a Data Scientist and along the way, we will build many real world projects to add to your portfolio. You will get access to all the code, workbooks and templates (Jupyter Notebooks) on Github, so that you can put them on your portfolio right away! We believe this course solves the biggest challenge to entering the Data Science and Machine Learning field: having all the necessary resources in one place and learning the latest trends and on the job skills that employers want.

The curriculum is going to be very hands on as we walk you from start to finish of becoming a professional Machine Learning and Data Science engineer. The course covers 2 tracks. If you already know programming, you can dive right in and skip the section where we teach you Python from scratch. If you are completely new, we take you from the very beginning and actually teach you Python and how to use it in the real world for our projects. Don’t worry, once we go through the basics like Machine Learning 101 and Python, we then get going into advanced topics like Neural Networks, Deep Learning and Transfer Learning so you can get real life practice and be ready for the real world (We show you fully fledged Data Science and Machine Learning projects and give you programming Resources and Cheatsheets)!


คอร์สนี้เหมาะกับใคร (Who this course is for) :

Anyone with zero experience (or beginner/junior) who wants to learn Machine Learning, Data Science and Python
You are a programmer that wants to extend their skills into Data Science and Machine Learning to make yourself more valuable
Anyone who wants to learn these topics from industry experts that don’t only teach, but have actually worked in the field
You’re looking for one single course to teach you about Machine learning and Data Science and get you caught up to speed with the industry
You want to learn the fundamentals and be able to truly understand the topics instead of just watching somebody code on your screen for hours without really “getting it”
You want to learn to use Deep learning and Neural Networks with your projects
You want to add value to your own business or company you work for, by using powerful Machine Learning tools.

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :

4 lectures • 16min

Machine Learning 101
11 lectures • 45min

Machine Learning and Data Science Framework
15 lectures • 1hr 8min

The 2 Paths
3 lectures • 4min

Data Science Environment Setup
13 lectures • 1hr 48min

Pandas: Data Analysis
13 lectures • 1hr 38min

19 lectures • 2hr 11min

Matplotlib: Plotting and Data Visualization
20 lectures • 2hr 18min

Scikit-learn: Creating Machine Learning Models
52 lectures • 7hr 56min

Supervised Learning: Classification + Regression
1 lecture • 1min

Milestone Project 1: Supervised Learning (Classification)
25 lectures • 3hr 37min

Milestone Project 2: Supervised Learning (Time Series Data)
21 lectures • 3hr 13min

Data Engineering
13 lectures • 58min

Neural Networks: Deep Learning, Transfer Learning and TensorFlow 2
44 lectures • 7hr 8min

Storytelling + Communication: How To Present Your Work
8 lectures • 27min

Career Advice + Extra Bits
14 lectures • 1hr 22min

Learn Python
49 lectures • 4hr 13min

Learn Python Part 2
51 lectures • 4hr 49min

Extra: Learn Advanced Statistics and Mathematics for FREE!
1 lecture • 1min

Where To Go From Here?
3 lectures • 4min

1 lecture • 1min

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Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp 2023


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