Cinematic Voice Over Reels – Grow On Instagram

Cinematic Voice Over Reels - Grow On Instagram


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Published 8/2022
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A beginners guide to make short form content

What you’ll learn
How to do Video Editing, How to do voice over
Premiere Pro, Audacity, Write scripts, Shooting videos, Camera basics
Camera settings, Color grading
How to grow on Instagram, create viral emotional reels
How to add transitions and effects
This is for beginners so if you are just starting out with videography then this is for you
Why you need to join this course?I have seen a huge growth on my Instagram after I started making Cinematic voice over Reels. When I started posting reels I was at 70K and in few months we have reached to almost 1.1M. So I thought it would be great If I can teach shooting & editing videos start from the basics in the form of reels. So you can improve you video making skills and at the same time grow and earn from what you do.In short what I wanted to say, even if you don’t know anything about camera/shooting or editing videos then this course is for you. I am going to tell you about which camera gears are the best to use. and then you are going to learn,How to shoot cinematic videos,How to write, practice and record voice overs.How to find and edit music that goes perfect with the videoHow to start with video editing.How to add basic effects and transitionsHow to color grade your videosWhat are the camera basics, camera settingsSelect right kind of gearsFrom basics to effects and transitions, color grading and then exporting high quality videos for Instagram reels.How to beat algorithm to grow and earn from InstagramHow much to charge brands for Instagram Post/stories or reels.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you will learn in this course

Lecture 3 Why Instagram Reels

Lecture 4 Follow this Reel Algorithm to grow Instagram

Section 2: Camera Basics

Lecture 5 Why you need Good Camera Gears

Lecture 6 Which Camera to buy

Lecture 7 Which lenses to buy

Lecture 8 Understand Camera Buttons

Lecture 9 Camera settings to use for Shooting Video

Lecture 10 Camera Basics

Section 3: Shooting videos

Lecture 11 How we shoot videos Handheld

Lecture 12 How we shoot videos with gimbal – more ideas

Lecture 13 Shooting pre-planned video

Section 4: Voice overs

Lecture 14 Which mic to use

Lecture 15 How to set up Studio Mic

Lecture 16 Which software(and how) to Install for recording Voice over

Lecture 17 How to write voice over

Lecture 18 How to write voice over

Lecture 19 How to write voice over

Lecture 20 5 things to keep in mind before start recording

Lecture 21 How to record Voice overs

Lecture 22 How to do Basic Voice over Editing

Lecture 23 How to do Advance Voice over Editing

Lecture 24 How to Setup Mic – another export

Section 5: Find Right Music

Lecture 25 How I get ideas from Music

Lecture 26 Choose the right music – see this reel with different songs

Lecture 27 Why Creating a Music Library is so important

Lecture 28 One simple tip I follow for Music

Lecture 29 Different ways to find amazing music

Section 6: Video Editing in Premiere Pro

Lecture 30 Install Premiere Pro

Lecture 31 Which Laptop is good for editing

Lecture 32 Why organizing data is so important

Lecture 33 Learn Basics of Premiere Pro

Lecture 34 How to Import Footage and Create Timeline

Lecture 35 How I go through Footage and Edit on Timeline

Lecture 36 How to Create 3 Layer video

Lecture 37 How to Write Titles

Lecture 38 How to export videos

Lecture 39 How I edit song beats

Lecture 40 Basics of Color grading

Lecture 41 How I color grade with presets

Lecture 42 Basic Transitions

Lecture 43 Effects I use on voice over in Premiere pro

Lecture 44 I use this transition a lot

Section 7: Practice Reels

Lecture 45 Practice Reels – Part 1

Lecture 46 Practice Reels – Part 2

Section 8: Business – Earnings from Instagram

Lecture 47 How to Earn from Instagram

Everyone who wants to create videos, shooting to editing videos with voice editing


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Cinematic Voice Over Reels - Grow On Instagram


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