Chatgpt For Business Analysis And Consultants

Chatgpt For Business Analysis And Consultants


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Published 6/2023
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Supercharge your career | Augment your skills

What you’ll learn
What is business analysis
What is ChatGPT
How ChatGPT can be used in business analysis
Do we need business analysts in future
What are the limitations of ChatGPT


Welcome to a pioneering course specially designed for the forward-thinking business analysts and consultants of today – “ChatGPT for Business Analysts.” In an era where artificial intelligence is no longer an abstract concept but an everyday reality, it’s vital for professionals in every industry to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Our course aims to bridge the gap between AI and business analysis.ChatGPT, built by OpenAI and based on the revolutionary GPT-4 architecture, is an advanced language model capable of generating human-like text. It’s a disruptive technology reshaping many sectors, including business analysis, by offering enhanced capabilities to automate reporting, perform detailed trend analysis, and make data-driven predictions.As a business analyst, you’re tasked with interpreting complex data, predicting future trends, and devising strategies that make a difference to your business’s bottom line. But, what if you could do all this and more, efficiently and with greater accuracy?This course will provide you with a solid understanding of how ChatGPT works and how to leverage it to optimize your workflow. From automating routine tasks to gaining deeper insights from your data, you’ll learn how to transform the way you operate.”ChatGPT for Business Analysts” is about augmenting your skills, not replacing them. It’s about arming you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the exciting world of AI. So, join us on this transformative journey and discover how to harness the potential of ChatGPT to elevate your role as a business analyst. The future is here, and it’s time to embrace it.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Setting the context

Lecture 2 Technology behind ChatGPT

Section 2: What is business analysis?

Lecture 3 What is business analysis?

Section 3: Case Studies – Using the best practices in prompt engineering

Lecture 4 What Is Prompt Engineering

Lecture 5 Business Transformation

Lecture 6 Identify location for expansion

Lecture 7 Data Analysis

Lecture 8 New Product Introduction

Lecture 9 Customer Personas

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 10 Do we need business analysts in future?

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Chatgpt For Business Analysis And Consultants


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