Calculus II Workbook For Dummies

Calculus II Workbook For Dummies


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English | 2023 | ISBN: 1394188013 | 307 pages | True PDF | 17.4 MB

Work your way through Calc 2 with crystal clear explanations and tons of practice

Calculus II Workbook For Dummies is a hands-on guide to help you practice your way to a greater understanding of Calculus II. You’ll get tons of chances to work on intermediate calculus topics such as substitution, integration techniques and when to use them, approximate integration, and improper integrals. This book is packed with practical examples, plenty of practice problems, and access to online quizzes so you’ll be ready when it’s test time. Plus, every practice problem in the book and online has a complete, step-by-step answer explanation. Great as a supplement to your textbook or a refresher before taking a standardized test like the MCAT, this Dummies workbook has what you need to succeed in this notoriously difficult subject.

Review important concepts from Calculus I and pre-calculus Work through practical examples for integration, differentiation, and beyond Test your knowledge with practice problems and online quizzes–and follow along with step-by-step solutions Get the best grade you can on your Calculus II exam
Calculus II Workbook For Dummies is an essential resource for students, alone or in tandem withCalculus II For Dummies.



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