Blender : Essential 3D For Ui And Visual Designers

Blender : Essential 3D For Ui And Visual Designers


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Published 8/2022
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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to 3D for UI & Visual Design

What you’ll learn
Creating 3D icons.
Creating and composing 3D texts.
Creating simple characters.
Creating and composing 3D scenes.
Blender basics.
Essential concepts for 3D creation.
Essential 3D modelling.
Camera and lighting techniques.
Material design.
3D Rendering.
No Prior Knowledge is required. You will learn everything in this course.
One of the top trend in UI design is using immersive 3D elements. However, learning 3D has been a challenge to most of the visual designers. This class aims to simplify and teach Blender for designers to understand and harness the power of 3D.Why You Should Take This Class:This class introduces Blender for UI and Visual Designers. The ability to utilise 3D graphics makes a content more interactive and informative. 3D illustration is a sought after skill and has always been in demand. This class simplifies the 3D process, by teaching the concepts that is most useful to designers.The lessons are aimed for visual designers having no prior experience in 3D design, So all the essential topics are covered by using interactive learning methods such as worksheets, practice exercises, and downloadable pdf guides for complex subjects.After completing this class, you will be able to understand the process of 3D design and confidently approach creating 3D elements for your own UI project.This class covers all the essential concepts of 3D such as creating and manipulating 3D objects, Lighting, Camera, designing great looking materials & methods for rendering. Followed with some tips and best practices.We will approach this class with a hypothetical project of creating 3D elements for a home service app or website. By Joining this class, you will have access to 10+ 3D icon models related to home services. After completing this class, you will be able to understand 3D design process and confidently approach creating 3D elements for your own UI project. Enrol Now & Let’s Get Started!


Section 1: Understanding the Basics

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Understanding the 3D View

Lecture 3 Basic Transformation Tools

Lecture 4 Exploring the Add Menu

Lecture 5 Duplicating 3D Objects

Lecture 6 Creating Simple 3D Primitive Objects

Lecture 7 Understanding Collections

Lecture 8 Creating a Snapshot of the Scene

Lecture 9 Viewport Tips

Lecture 10 Tips & Best Practices for Transform Tools

Section 2: Camera & Lighting Basics

Lecture 11 Camera basics

Lecture 12 Lighting Basics

Lecture 13 Area Light

Lecture 14 Spot Light

Lecture 15 Sun Lamp

Lecture 16 Three Point Lighting

Lecture 17 Easiest Way to Light a Scene

Lecture 18 Tips for Working with HDRI Lighting

Section 3: Materials & Rendering Basics

Lecture 19 Understanding Glossy Materials

Lecture 20 Understanding Matte Materials

Lecture 21 Understanding Metallic Materials

Lecture 22 Understanding Transparent Materials

Lecture 23 Creating a New Material

Lecture 24 Best Way to Use a Custom Color Palette

Lecture 25 Rendering Basics

Section 4: Creating 3D Icons from svg File

Lecture 26 Importing an svg File

Lecture 27 Extruding Elements from svg File

Lecture 28 Rotating & Postioning the Icon

Lecture 29 Composing the 3D Icon

Lecture 30 Adding Lights & Materials

Lecture 31 Rendering the 3D Icon

Lecture 32 Best Practices for Importing svg files into Blender

Section 5: 3D Texts

Lecture 33 Creating 3D Texts

Lecture 34 Adding Details to a 3D Text

Lecture 35 Composing the 3D Text

Section 6: Understanding 3D Modelling Tools & Getting Started With Modelling 3D Icons

Lecture 36 3D Modelling Tools Part – 1

Lecture 37 3D Modelling Tools Part – 2

Lecture 38 Understanding Modifiers

Lecture 39 Tip for Creating Quick UI 3D Panels

Lecture 40 Modelling a Map Icon

Lecture 41 Modelling a Bell Icon

Section 7: 3D Character Creation

Lecture 42 Understanding Character Design

Lecture 43 Blocking the Base Character Form

Lecture 44 Creating the Eyes

Lecture 45 Creating the Head Detail

Lecture 46 Creating the Beak

Lecture 47 Creating the Wings

Lecture 48 Adding Extra Details to Our Character

Lecture 49 Creating the Legs with Skin Modifier

Lecture 50 Rendering the Character

Section 8: 3D Scene Creation

Lecture 51 Creating a 3D Scene

Lecture 52 Conclusion

UI Designers.,Visual Designers.,Creative Professionals.,Aspiring 3D Illustrators.


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Blender : Essential 3D For Ui And Visual Designers


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