Blender Beginner Workflow For Cinematic Art, 2 tutorials

Blender Beginner Workflow For Cinematic Art, 2 tutorials


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Published 8/2023
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2 Step-by-step tutorials, suitable even for beginners + 100 assets

What you’ll learn
I will introduce you to the free 3d program Blender
I will introduce you to modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, post-processing and more
We will create the train and the entire environment from start to finish.
I will show you how to create a cinematic scene in the best way

Free software Blender. No previous experience is necessary.

In this package that includes two tutorials and more than 100 assets, you will get everything you need to create a realistic cinematic scene in blender.We will create cinematic art from the introduction in Blender from start to finish.After the tutorial in which we model the train, the time has come to create the environment in which we will place the train.If you haven’t watched the “train modeling tutorial”, in this package I will share that tutorial with you, so you can watch it if you want, but it is not necessary for you to be able to follow the “train station tutorial” because I will share the train model with you.In fact, you can watch the “train modeling tutorial” after the “train station” tutorial.We’ll talk about lighting and how to achieve the misty, cinematic look in a blender, which is the most important part of this scene.We’ll also talk about modeling, texturing, unwrapping, composition, post-processing and more.In this scene, all models and assets were created by me, so we will not use any model from the internet, except for a few image textures.ASSETS YOU GETIn addition to the models you see in the scene, I created a lot more models and divided them into packages, so I will share with you 100+ models in 6 blender files which you can use in future projects.Although we won’t model every object in the scene because it would take a lot of time, we will talk a lot about modeling and create some objects from scratch.All resources and links are included in the tutorial, and subtitles with shortcuts are also available.This is the workflow that I have learned in the last 5 years of using Blender.TRAIN TUTORIAL AS BONUSAlso, since we are using the train from the last tutorial in the scene, I decided to include the tutorial where we create the train in the package as a bonus.The tutorial is separated into 25 parts with an average duration of 10 minutes to make it easier to follow.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 00 – Introduction

Lecture 2 01 – Basic shapes

Lecture 3 02 – Camera settings

Lecture 4 03 – Continuation with basic shapes

Lecture 5 04 – Tunnel

Lecture 6 05 – Rails

Lecture 7 06 – Rails, concrete part

Lecture 8 07 – Train stopper

Lecture 9 08 – Wires

Lecture 10 09 – Lighting

Lecture 11 10 – Concrete material

Lecture 12 11 – Floor tiles

Lecture 13 12 – TacTile

Lecture 14 13 – Metal texture

Lecture 15 14 – Pipes and mesh

Lecture 16 15 – Big structures

Lecture 17 16 – Small greebles

Lecture 18 17 – Garbage

Lecture 19 18 – Background shop

Lecture 20 19 – Neon signs

Lecture 21 20 – Importing a train into the scene

Lecture 22 21 – Asphalt cracks

Lecture 23 22 – Blender compositing

Lecture 24 23 – Final details in the blender

Lecture 25 24 – Post-processing

Lecture 26 Train modeling tutorial INTRODUCTION

Lecture 27 02 – Import reference and base shape

Lecture 28 03 – Details and main bevel

Lecture 29 04 – Projecting image on model

Lecture 30 05 – Creating windows

Lecture 31 06 – The front of the train

Lecture 32 07 – Materials

Lecture 33 08 – Adding details

Lecture 34 09 – Curves and cables

Lecture 35 10 – Adding more details

Lecture 36 11 – Doors, windows, trumpet

Lecture 37 12 – Creating more details

Lecture 38 13 – Wheels and engine

Lecture 39 14 – Placing greebles on the train

Lecture 40 15 – Graffiti and leaking

Lecture 41 16 – The final part

For blender beginners as well as more advanced users.


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Blender Beginner Workflow For Cinematic Art, 2 tutorials


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