Anatomy 2.0 Draw The Figure From Imagination

Anatomy 2.0 Draw The Figure From Imagination

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Learn to draw the human figure like a pro: Contains tasteful nudity

สิ่งที่คุณจะได้เรียนรู้ (What you’ll learn) :

  • Human Anatomy for figure drawing
  • How to draw the figure from imagination
  • How to draw the figure from reference
  • How to draw muscles, fat, bones, landmarks, hands, feet, faces, everything

ข้อกำหนด (Requirements) :

  • The desire to draw better figures

คำอธิบาย (Description) :
Hi, welcome to Anatomy 2.0: Draw the Figure From Imagination, where you’ll learn how to draw the human figure from imagination. I’m Neil Fontaine, a professional comic artist, and traditional painter but also the easy-going instructor for this course. Have you wanted to draw characters from your imagination but they suck? Maybe you have seen a comic artist draw from his imagination, and it looks so good. How did he do that? This is how. In this course, I teach you what you need to know about drawing the human figure so you can draw it from your imagination and draw from references without copying exactly what you see. I use new techniques to teach clearly. I waste no time, no filler. I packed into this 14-hour long course, all the information in my 60-hour Anatomy course, plus, I added more. We learn proportions, the structure of the figure, 3D forms and more. We learn how muscles look, where they attach, how they twist, turn and change shape, how they flex, and how they relax. We learn how fat builds upon the body and how bodies look from different angles. We deep dive into hips, torso, breasts, butt, etc. We also learn to draw hands, feet, heads, and faces, all to help your figure drawing skills and anatomy. I also help you along the way by answering your questions and giving feedback on your progress drawings. This course is for the beginning artist that wishes to draw like a pro. I have included many drawing samples you can use as a reference, but also, I have included a photoshop file that shows all the muscles we draw. Each muscle is on its own layer and name. This is a great learning tool. I have also included several photo packs of different nude models you can freely use for practicing. I paid over $100 for the rights to share those images.

คอร์สนี้เหมาะกับใคร (Who this course is for) :

  • Anyone interested in learning more about drawing the human figure

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Intro to Anatomy 2.0

Section 2: Drawing figure fundamentals

Lecture 2 Free Photo References for Anatomy

Lecture 3 The shape of male and female figures

Lecture 4 Human Proportions part 1

Lecture 5 Proportions Part 2

Lecture 6 Front View Female Mannequin

Lecture 7 Front View Male Mannequin

Lecture 8 Back View Male Mannequin

Lecture 9 Back View Female Mannequin

Lecture 10 Side View Female Mannequin Part 1

Lecture 11 Side View Female Mannequin Part 2

Lecture 12 Angel View of the Male and Female

Section 3: Anatomy Learning to Draw the Upper Body Muscles

Lecture 13 Photoshop File with all the muscles on different layers

Lecture 14 The skeleton jpg

Lecture 15 How to Draw the Peck Muscles

Lecture 16 How to Draw Deltoids shoulder muscles

Lecture 17 How to Draw the Trapezius Muscle

Lecture 18 How to draw the Sternomastoid

Lecture 19 How to Draw the lats

Lecture 20 How to Draw the Teres Major

Lecture 21 How to Draw Biceps

Lecture 22 How to Draw Coracobrachialis

Lecture 23 How to Draw Brachialis

Lecture 24 How to Draw Triceps

Lecture 25 Intro to drawing forearm muscles

Lecture 26 Bottom forearm muscles

Lecture 27 Top forearm muscles

Lecture 28 Deeper Study of the Forearms

Lecture 29 Drawing Upper Arms Chest an overview: Female Nudity

Lecture 30 How to Draw the Serratus

Lecture 31 How to Draw the Abs and Obliques

Lecture 32 Deeper Study Arms Raised Part 1

Lecture 33 Deeper Study Arms Raised Part 2

Lecture 34 Deeper study Drawing Armpits

Lecture 35 Drawing the female figure with her arms raised: Nudity

Lecture 36 Deeper Study of the Torso

Section 4: Anatomy Learning to Draw the Lower Body Muscles

Lecture 37 How to Draw Butt muscles

Lecture 38 How to Draw the Rectus Femoris

Lecture 39 How to Draw the Vastus Lateralis

Lecture 40 How to Draw the Vastus Medialis

Lecture 41 How to Draw the Sartorius

Lecture 42 How to Draw the Gracilis

Lecture 43 How to Draw the Adductor

Lecture 44 How to Draw the Biceps of the Thigh

Lecture 45 How to Draw the Calf Muscles

Lecture 46 How to Draw the rest of the muscles in the lower leg

Lecture 47 Dive Deeper into the anatomy of the back Female: Nudity

Lecture 48 Dive Deeper in the anatomy of the back male

Lecture 49 Deep Dive into male back muscles at an angle

Lecture 50 Ecorcha drawing of a female on her knees: Nudity

Lecture 51 Drawing a Nude female based on the knowledge we have learned

Lecture 52 Ecorcha Leg Muscles Male

Lecture 53 Ecorcha female leg muscles

Lecture 54 Learning the forms of different muscles, including the legs

Section 5: How to draw fat on the human figure

Lecture 55 How to draw large females in back view

Lecture 56 How to draw large females in front view

Lecture 57 How to draw large males in front view

Lecture 58 How to draw large males back view

Section 6: Drawing Figures

Lecture 59 How to draw female sitting: thigh foreshortening

Lecture 60 How to draw a nude female: Interpreting the photo

Lecture 61 Drawing a female touching her toes. Difficult pose

Lecture 62 Drawing Sensual Pose Part 1

Lecture 63 Drawing a Sensual Pose Part 2

Lecture 64 Drawing different ages

Lecture 65 Drawing a man flying

Lecture 66 Male Super Hero Pose

Lecture 67 Super hero female pose

Lecture 68 Nude Female Sitting Pose

Lecture 69 Drawing a buff male in comic style

Lecture 70 Drawing a male standing and looking cool

Section 7: How to draw hands

Lecture 71 The bones of the hand

Lecture 72 The muscles of the hand

Lecture 73 The structure of the hand

Lecture 74 How to draw the hands from the side

Lecture 75 How to draw a fist

Lecture 76 How to draw a hand doing a peace sign

Lecture 77 We draw another hand pose

Lecture 78 We draw hand pose two

Section 8: How to Draw Feet

Lecture 79 How to draw the foot from top view

Lecture 80 How to draw the bottom of the foot

Lecture 81 How to draw the inside of the foot

Lecture 82 How to draw the outside of the foot

Lecture 83 How to draw the back of the foot

Lecture 84 How to draw feet from an angle

Lecture 85 How to draw the front of the foot

Section 9: How to draw heads and faces

Lecture 86 The proportions of the face

Lecture 87 How to draw face muscles

Lecture 88 How to draw the human skull

Lecture 89 How to draw heads

Lecture 90 How to draw eyes

Lecture 91 How to draw noses

Lecture 92 How to draw ears

Lecture 93 How to draw lips

Anyone interested in learning more about drawing the human figure

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Anatomy 2.0 Draw The Figure From Imagination


The desire to draw better figures
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