Adobe After Effects CC – Motion Graphics Design & VFX

Adobe After Effects CC - Motion Graphics Design & VFX


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Last updated 11/2021
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Learn the techniques to start your career as a Motion Graphic artist.

What you’ll learn
Create beautiful motion graphics
Animate compelling infographics
Choose the correct video settings.
You’ll learn how to exporting your video easily.
You’ll be able to create slick type animations.
Rendering your video for Youtube & Vimeo.
Create titles for interviews.
Add music to your motion graphics.
Trim & editing video.
Add watermarking your video.
Fixing shaky footage.
Color correct & fix any bad footage.
Add a vignette to your video.
Learn how to use your skills from Illustrator & Photoshop
How to use green screen footage
How to mask like a pro.
How to animate infographics like bar graphs, line graphs & pie charts.
How to use camera to make 3D type.
Animating static images using parallax
Plus basic character animation.
+ More…
Students will need to download After Effects. The latest version of CC 2015 is recommended but the earlier CS6 version will still work.
In this course you’ll learn how to create motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. This motion graphics course is everything you need to start creating beautiful animation & infographics.
As part of this course you’ll get downloadable exercise files so you can work along exactly with the trainer. You’ll also get completed files with every video so you can download and check your files against the trainers.
Your trainer is an Adobe After Effects Certified Expert and Certified Instructor. Daniel has been creating immersive infographics and motion graphics for more than 12 years.
The course is approximately 3 hours long. Each step broken into individual videos to make it easily digestible.
In this course we’ll cover:

Motion GraphicsInfographicsCorrect video settings. Exporting your video easily. Type animation. Easing and motion blur. Rendering your video for Youtube & Vimeo. Titles for interviews. Adding music. Trimming & editing video.Watermarking your video. Fixing shaky footage. Color correcting footage. Add a vignette to your video. Matrix effect. Working with IllustratorWorking with PhotoshopGreen ScreenMasking. Animating bar, line & pie charts. 3D type. Animating static images using parallaxCharacter animation

In this course you’ll create over 15 smaller projects so you can gain experience with the software. You can also use the exercises we create in your own portfolio.
You’ll need Adobe After Effects installed on your computer. A 30 day free trial can be downloaded directly from Adobe.
If you’ve been excited by the world of motion graphics but still haven’t started. This beginner course is perfect for you.
Dan (Adobe Certified Instructor)


Section 1: Start Here

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Exercise Files

Lecture 3 Relinking missing footage

Section 2: Getting started quickly

Lecture 4 Project vs Compositions

Lecture 5 What’s the right composition settings

Lecture 6 Changing the length of your composition

Lecture 7 Matching composition to video size

Lecture 8 Type Animation

Lecture 9 Easing your animation

Lecture 10 Blurring your text while it moves

Lecture 11 How to render or export your After Effects animation

Section 3: My computer is really crappy & I keep getting lost.

Lecture 12 My computer is really slow – help

Lecture 13 Empty your disk cache to clear hard drive space

Lecture 14 I’ve lost my timeline in After Effects.

Section 4: Title overlays, lower thirds & water marks

Lecture 15 Lower thirds type animation

Lecture 16 Creating a watermark in After Effects

Lecture 17 Rules of motion graphics – anticipation

Lecture 18 Custom easing using the graph editor in After Effects

Lecture 19 Adding audio & music to your video

Section 5: Inspiration

Lecture 20 Inspiration for you motion graphics

Section 6: Fixing / Cleaning up your video

Lecture 21 Trimming the length of a video.

Lecture 22 Color correction, exposure & adjustment layers

Lecture 23 Creating a vignette in After Effects

Lecture 24 Fixing shaky footage with warp stabilizer

Section 7: Camera tracking + Time Remapping

Lecture 25 Add text to live action video

Lecture 26 Matrix effect using time remapping

Lecture 27 Text to follow live action

Section 8: Animating illustrations

Lecture 28 Working with Illustrator in After Effects

Lecture 29 Looping your animation

Lecture 30 Grouping is called a pre-comp

Lecture 31 How to make a motion path

Section 9: Masking & green screen

Lecture 32 Green screen (Keying)

Lecture 33 Basic Masking

Lecture 34 Object & mask animate separately – Track Matts

Lecture 35 Rotoscoping & faking depth of field

Lecture 36 Rotobrush – putting type behind video objects

Section 10: Infographics

Lecture 37 Animated infographic line chart

Lecture 38 Pie chart infographic in After Effects

Section 11: Cameras

Lecture 39 Using cameras in After Effects

Lecture 40 Animating a screen capture or screencast

Section 12: Animated static images

Lecture 41 Animating static images using parallax

Lecture 42 Add fake lights with CC Light Rays

Lecture 43 Creating dust particles in After Effects

Section 13: Swinging text

Lecture 44 Swinging text in After Effects

Section 14: Puppet tool.

Lecture 45 Character animation using the Puppet pin tool

Section 15: Effects and presets

Lecture 46 Spinning globe & star effects

Section 16: Exporting advanced

Lecture 47 Making your video file size really small

Lecture 48 Put all your files in one place – collect files

Section 17: What now?

Lecture 49 Next steps

Section 18: Extras

Lecture 50 BONUS: Software Updates 2022

Lecture 51 Cheat Sheet

This course is for people who want to start earning money as a motion graphics designer.,This course is for beginners wanting to learn to use After Effects for motion graphics and infographics.,No previous After Effects or animation skills are necessary. ,This course is for absolute beginners. ,From Zero to Hero.,This course is NOT for people who have a good understanding of After Effects already. This is for new people only.


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Adobe After Effects CC - Motion Graphics Design & VFX


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