100 Days Of Python 2023: Hands-On Python Challenges

100 Days Of Python 2023: Hands-On Python Challenges


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  • Published 2/2023
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200+ Python Coding exercises, Interview questions, for Beginners Tutorial | Programming

สิ่งที่คุณจะได้เรียนรู้ (What you’ll learn) :

  • Learn industry standards and Python tips and best practices.
  • Handle Python job interviews with ease.
  • Learn the basic, intermediate and advanced concepts of Python
  • Become a better developer by understanding the how’s and whys of Python programs.
  • Explore different programming styles and approaches.
  • Students will learn Python problem solving. Prepare for Python technical interviews.

ข้อกำหนด (Requirements) :

  • No prior coding experience required. We’ll start from the very beginning.
  • PC or pen and paper.

คำอธิบาย (Description) :
Welcome to the “100 Days of Python” course. In this volume we will learn Python in depth and tackle Python Challenges. If you want to take your Python skills to the next level with intensive practice, then this course is for you. Apply your knowledge to solve more than 200 Python exercises and check your solutions with step-by-step video lectures with visual effects and diagrams.Solve Python Exercises to Take Your Python Skills to the Next Level.Solve more than 200 exercises and improve your problem-solving and coding skills.Learn new Python tools such as built-in functions and modules.Apply your knowledge of Python to solve practical coding challenges.Understand how the code works line by line behind the scenes.Identify different ways to solve a problem and which one is more concise and efficient.Test your code with different values and inputs to verify its correctness.Gain practical and valuable coding skills.ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTORHello! My name is Seb. I am a passionate Software Developer, lifelong student and a Game Developer with 10+ years of experience. Through my boots on the ground workshops, I’ve taught over 1,000 people how to become professional Software Engineers.My expertise: Python, C#, Unity 3D, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other technologies.My goal is to make coding fun and accessible to everyone. That’s why my courses are interactive and made with a clear structure. No previous experience is necessary for these courses. So, are you ready? Let’s get Started!This course will help you gain knowledge, tips, tricks and skills that will enhance your Python skills and prepare your next Python interview.TOPICS COVEREDPython Basics: Variables, Primitive data Types, loops, flow controlPython OOP: Classes, ObjectsPython Methods: Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Parameters, Method overloadingPython Type casting: Type conversion, Conversion methodsPython Constructors: Constructor overloading, Object initializer syntax Python Inheritance: base keyword, Method overriding Python Generics: Generic classes, Generic methods Python Arrays: Creating arrays, Arrays with for each loop, Array of objectsAnd much more!Improve your Python Skills and Gain Valuable Practical ExperiencePython are currently the most popular programming languages and their popularity continues to rise every year. It is used for real-world applications in diverse areas such as Web Development, Data Science and many more. Learning Python is your next step into the powerful world of computer science. Through practice, you can improve your coding and problem-solving skills. You will also learn new tools that you can use in Python .Your knowledge of Python will be extremely helpful in any field, including:Web Development Data ScienceArtificial IntelligenceGame DevelopmentMobile App Development Medical SoftwareComputer Visionand… many more!Coding skills are essential to succeed in the world of the future. Therefore, if you are thinking about entering any of these fields or if you are planning to expand your computer science skills, then this course is for you.The concepts and techniques that you will learn in this course are easily transferable to other programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and many more because you will practice how to analyze and solve problems using code.GOALSBy the end of this course, you will be able to:Analyze a problem step by step and develop a solution in Python .Solve a problem in Python using different approaches.Use built-in Python functions and modules to solve a problem efficiently.Understand how the code works behind the scenes.Work with the main elements of Python : strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, conditionals, loops, recursion, files, and more..Test your code with various inputs and values to verify its correctness.LEARNING MATERIALSCoding Challenges: 200+ coding challenges with detailed descriptions and hints to guide you through this journey.Exercises Divided by Levels of Difficulty: the exercises are divided into levels, so you can start working on them according to your skill level and then solve more advanced exercises as you practice. Visual Effects: You will learn how to solve these exercises with carefully designed visual effects, animations, and diagrams.Test Cases: each coding challenge has test cases to help you test if your solution is correct. Each problem can be solved in multiple ways, so these test cases will help you confirm if your solution is correct. CODING CHALLENGESPython StringsPython Lists and TuplesPython DictionariesPython ConditionalsPython LoopsPython RecursionPython FilesPython Miscellaneous and More Challenging ExercisesMost exercises combine different elements from these topics, but the exercises are grouped by their most relevant category.What makes this course unique?This course is unique because of its emphasis on providing visual and detailed explanations of how the solutions work behind the scenes, so you will not only learn how to implement them in Python , you will actually understand the purpose of each line of code.Check your solutions with detailed video lectures and run the code on your device.You will receive a certificate of completion that you can add to your social media profiles to showcase your new skills.You will also have lifetime access to the course.You are very welcome to watch the preview lectures and check out the full course curriculum.If you are looking for an engaging, visual, and practical course, then you found it.Enroll now, practice your problem-solving skills, and showcase your new Python knowledge.If you are interested in the following topics, this course will prepare you for it, Python Game Development Fundamentals, Python Object Oriented Programming, Python coding for beginners, , learn Python programming masterclass, Python mega course, complete Python bootcamp, Python zero to hero, Python coding, Python beginners, Python for beginners, We will look at the most popular and most often discussed questions during technical interviews. You will be prepared for your next interview, and you will be able to discuss Python concepts with great confidence.Again, welcome and let’s level up your Python skills!

เนื้อหาหลักสูตร (Overview) :

Section 1: Day 01 – Day 05: Python Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Solution: Hello World

Lecture 3 SOLUTION: Comments

Lecture 4 SOLUTION: Multiline docstring to comment

Lecture 5 SOLUTION: Variable Declaration: int

Lecture 6 SOLUTION: Output multiple variable values

Lecture 7 SOLUTION: Data type : int

Lecture 8 SOLUTION: Creating floating point numbers

Lecture 9 SOLUTION: Create complex numbers

Lecture 10 Solution: Casting int

Lecture 11 SOLUTION: Casting: string

Lecture 12 Solution

Section 2: Day 06 – Day 10: Python Arrays Challenges

Lecture 13 Solution: Removing duplicates from an array

Lecture 14 Solution: Finding the maximum element in an array

Lecture 15 Solution: Find the Sum of an Array

Lecture 16 Solution: Reverse an array

Lecture 17 Solution: Find the average value of an array

Lecture 18 Solution: Count the Occurrence of a Specific Element in an Array

Lecture 19 Solution: Check if an Element is Present in an Array

Section 3: Day 11 – Day 26: Python String methods Challenges

Lecture 20 Solution: Remove Spaces from a String

Lecture 21 Solution: Capitalize First Letter of Each Word

Lecture 22 Solution: Count Substrings in a String

Lecture 23 Solution: Reverse a String

Lecture 24 SOLUTION: Split a String

Lecture 25 SOLUTION: Replace Substrings in a String

Lecture 26 SOLUTION: Formatting a String with Variables

Lecture 27 SOLUTION: Finding the Index of a Substring

Section 4: Day 27 – Day 28: Python Lists Challenges

Lecture 28 SOLUTION: even numbers

Lecture 29 SOLUTION: Remove duplicates from a Python list and print the updated list.

Section 5: Day 29- Day 33: Python Dictionaries Challenges

Lecture 30 SOLUTION: Merge two dictionaries into one

Lecture 31 SOLUTION: Check if a key exists in a dictionary

Lecture 32 SOLUTION: Update a Dictionary

Lecture 33 SOLUTION: Counting Word Occurrences in a String

Lecture 34 SOLUTION: Accessing and modifying values in a Python dictionary

Section 6: Day 34 – Day 50: Python Math methods Challenges

Lecture 35 SOLUTION: Calculating the area of a rectangle

Lecture 36 SOLUTION: Square root

Lecture 37 SOLUTION: Calculating the perimeter of a triangle

Lecture 38 SOLUTION: Calculating the factorial of a number

Lecture 39 SOLUTION: Calculate the Absolute Value of a Number

Lecture 40 SOLUTION: Round a Number to a Specific Decimal Place

Lecture 41 SOLUTION: Calculate the Power of a Number

Lecture 42 SOLUTION: Convert Degrees to Radians

Lecture 43 SOLUTION: Calculate the Trigonometric Sine of an Angle

Lecture 44 SOLUTION: Calculate the Exponential Value of a Number

Lecture 45 SOLUTION: Find the Maximum and Minimum Values in a List

Lecture 46 SOLUTION: Generate a Random Number within a Range

Lecture 47 SOLUTION: Calculate the area of a circle

Lecture 48 SOLUTION: Calculate the sum of even numbers in a list

Lecture 49 SOLUTION: Convert decimal to binary

Lecture 50 SOLUTION: Calculate the sum of all elements in a 2D list

Lecture 51 SOLUTION: Calculate the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle

Section 7: Day 51 – Day 54: Python Math Challenges

Lecture 52 SOLUTION: Calculate the circumference of a circle

Lecture 53 SOLUTION: Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Lecture 54 SOLUTION: Cube root of a number

Lecture 55 SOLUTION: Absolute difference between two numbers

Section 8: Day 55 – Day 56: Classes and Objects Challenges

Lecture 56 SOLUTION: Create a class called “Person” and initialize it with a name and age.

Lecture 57 SOLUTION: To understand how to create a class and its constructor method in Pyth

Section 9: Day 57- Day 60: Python JSON Challenges

Lecture 58 SOLUTION: Convert Python Object to JSON

Lecture 59 SOLUTION: Read JSON from a File

Lecture 60 SOLUTION: Writing JSON to a File

Lecture 61 SOLUTION: converts a JSON string to a Python object

Section 10: Day 61- Day 64: Python RegEx Challenges

Lecture 62 SOLUTION: Replace a string in a sentence using RegEx

Lecture 63 SOLUTION: Validate an email address using RegEx

Lecture 64 SOLUTION: Extract domain name from a URL

Lecture 65 SOLUTION: Find all phone numbers in a text

Section 11: Day 65- Day 70: Python Loops Challenges

Lecture 66 SOLUTION: Count vowels in a string

Lecture 67 SOLUTION: Reverse a string

Lecture 68 SOLUTION: Check if a string is a palindrome

Lecture 69 SOLUTION: Reverse words in a sentence

Lecture 70 SOLUTION: Find the largest and smallest numbers in a list

Lecture 71 SOLUTION: Count the Occurrences of Each Element in a List

Section 12: Day 71: Python If/Switch Statement Challenges

Lecture 72 SOLUTION: Check if a Number is Positive, Negative or Zero

Section 13: Day 72 – Day 80: Physics Challenges

Lecture 73 SOLUTION: Calculate the force on an object given its mass and acceleration

Lecture 74 SOLUTION: Calculate the velocity of an object after a certain distance and time

Lecture 75 SOLUTION: Calculate the momentum of an object given its mass and velocity

Lecture 76 SOLUTION: Calculate the work done on an object by a force over a certain distanc

Lecture 77 SOLUTION: Calculate the power of an object given the work done and time taken

Lecture 78 Solution: Projectile motion 1

Lecture 79 SOLUTION: Calculate the Speed of Light in a Material

Lecture 80 SOLUTION: Calculate the Speed of Light in a Material

Lecture 81 SOLUTION: Find the time a rock takes to reach the ground.

Section 14: Day 81 – Day 83: Physics challenges_2

Lecture 82 SOLUTION: Fahrenheit to Celsius

Lecture 83 SOLUTION: Simple Harmonic Motion

Lecture 84 SOLUTION: Projectile Motion 2

Section 15: Day 84 – Day 86: Biology Challenges

Lecture 85 SOLUTION: Counting the number of nucleotides in a DNA sequence

Lecture 86 SOLUTION: DNA Sequence Complement

Lecture 87 SOLUTION: Transcribing DNA into RNA

Section 16: Day 87 – Day 90: Chemistry Challenges

Lecture 88 SOLUTION: Calculate the molarity of a solution

Lecture 89 SOLUTION: Calculate the pH of a solution

Lecture 90 SOLUTION: Calculate the energy of a photon

Lecture 91 SOLUTION: Calculate the Gibbs free energy of a reaction

Section 17: Day 91 – Day 100: Accounting Challenges

Lecture 92 SOLUTION: Calculate the total balance of a bank account

Lecture 93 SOLUTION: Calculate the annual interest rate of a savings account

Lecture 94 SOLUTION: Calculate the net profit of a business

Lecture 95 SOLUTION: Calculate the book value of an asset

Lecture 96 SOLUTION: Calculate total revenue

Lecture 97 SOLUTION: Calculating the Balance of an Account

Lecture 98 SOLUTION: Calculate Profit Margin

Lecture 99 SOLUTION: Calculate Depreciation Expense

Lecture 100 SOLUTION: Calculate the net present value (NPV) of a project

Lecture 101 SOLUTION: Calculate depreciation expense

Section 18: C# Course Preview: SOLID

Lecture 102 Introduction to Solid Principles

Lecture 103 Single Responsibility Principle

Lecture 104 Single Responsibility Principle DEMO

Lecture 105 Open Closed Principle.mp4

Lecture 106 Open Close Principles DEMO.mp4

Lecture 107 Liskov Substitution.mp4

Lecture 108 Interface Segregation Principle.mp4

Lecture 109 Dependency Inversion Principle.mp4

Lecture 110 Dependency Inversion Principle DEMO.mp4

Section 19: GIT Version Control

Lecture 111 Introduction to Git (slides).mp4

Lecture 112 Introduction to Git (Demo).mp4

Lecture 113 Git Branch (Demo).mp4

Lecture 114 Git Branching .mp4

Section 20: C# Course Preview: Challenges

Lecture 115 Intro to .NET.mp4

Lecture 116 Introduction to Csharp.mp4

Lecture 117 Introduction to Design Patterns.mp4

Lecture 118 String Compression Challenge.mp4

Lecture 119 Decimal to Binary Challenge.mp4

Lecture 120 Diamond Pattern Challenge.mp4

Lecture 121 Double Addition Challenge.mp4

Lecture 122 Factorial Challenge.mp4

Lecture 123 Fibonacci Series Challenge.mp4

Lecture 124 Guess Number Challenge.mp4

Lecture 125 Reverse Array Challenge.mp4

Lecture 126 LOGIN Challenge.mp4

Lecture 127 Palindrome Challenge.mp4

Lecture 128 Parallelogram Challenge.mp4

Lecture 129 Month Conversion Challenge.mp4

Lecture 130 Reference Table Challenge.mp4

Lecture 131 Prime Number Challenge.mp4

Lecture 132 Roman Numerals Challenge.mp4

Lecture 133 Reverse Sentence Challenge.mp4

Lecture 134 Reverse Word Challenge.mp4

Lecture 135 Swapper Challenge.mp4

Lecture 136 Sum All Numbers in String Challenge.mp4

Lecture 137 Triangle Generation Challenge.mp4

Lecture 138 Uppercase Challenge.mp4

Beginner Python developer or Seasoned developer studying Python,Students preparing for interviews. All Aspiring Developers.,Everyone who wants to practice Python questions and challenges

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100 Days Of Python 2023: Hands-On Python Challenges


No prior coding experience required. We'll start from the very beginning.
PC or pen and paper.
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